What if you could use your cell phone to disable your stolen ThinkPad? Lenovo’s new ConstantSecure Remote Disable allows users to do exactly that. Users are able to remotely disable their stolen ThinkPad by sending a text message to the ThinkPad from their cell phone.
ConstantSecure Remote Disable also enhances the value of encryption when used together as a tool to protect sensitive data stored on your ThinkPad.  Most encryption is designed to protect data when it is not in use.  ConstantSecure Remote Disable allows customers to protect their data even if their ThinkPad has been stolen.  When the thief tries to access the data, the thief will be required to authenticate to the encryption first.

How does this technology work?  

If a customers ThinkPad is stolen, they can activate the ConstantSecure Remote Disable feature by sending an SMS text message, from a cell phone that is registered with the stolen ThinkPad. Once the SMS “kill” message is received, the ThinkPad will send an acknowledgment message back and it will then power off.  When the power switch is pressed, BIOS will halt and ask for a reactivation phrase.  If the person at the keyboard can type the reactivation word or phrase, the ThinkPad is back to normal.  If not, the ThinkPad will refuse to boot.

Requirements to activate ConstantSecure Remote Disable:
  • The following ThinkPads support this feature: T400, T500, W500, X200, X200s, X200 Tablet and X301
  • Download the ConstantSecure Remote Disable BIOS
  • Download the ConstantSecure Remote Disable application
  • Create a reactivation word or phrase. This word or Phrase is what will restore the ThinkPad to normal function if the ThinkPad ever receives the “kill” message from a registered cell phone.
  • Paid data plan with a supported carrier*. The plan must include support for sending and receiving SMS text messages.
  • A cell phone that supports GSM SMS text messaging. Note, up to 10 cell phones can be registered with a ThinkPad.
  • Ericsson WWAN
  • AT&T 3G Broadband activated SIM with SMS capability.
  • Windows XP or Vista 32 bit. NOTE: Not supported on Win7.
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