Software solutions to meet your needs
Lenovo's Integrated Software Solutions provide unique value to our customers. These solutions are designed to enhance and complement the total cost of ownership value proposition delivered by our award-winning ThinkVantage Technologies. With offerings focused on security, usability and management, Lenovo offers integrated software products that help everyone — from the individual user to the large enterprise — manage, protect, and recover the most valuable asset of all — information.
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ThinkVantage Technologies
Designed to help reduce the total cost of ownership.
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Software Solutions for Business
Manage & Support
LANDesk LANDesk Management Suite for ThinkVantage Technologies
Manage your PCs
LANDesk Management Suite helps make managing ThinkVantage Technologies on your companies' systems a breeze.
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Protect & Secure

Computrace® for Intel® Anti-Theft PC Protection
With Computrace® with Intel® Anti-Theft PC Protection (AT-p), you can manage IT assets, remotely delete data, recover missing computers, and "brick" computers on or off the Internet. Computrace® with Intel Anti-Theft PC Protection offers you an additional degree of tamper-resistance that can be used around the world and is available for purchase in supported regions.

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Sophos Sophos Safeware for ThinkVantage Technologies
Sophos Safeware software products are designed to be used with various ThinkVantage Technologies, including Rescue and Recovery. These solutions protect data against unauthorized access and manipulation and maintain a one button recovery and restore solution. Sophos is a worldwide leader in protecting data on PCs, with over three million installations.

Ask your Lenovo Sales representative or local business partner for more information.

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LoJack Computrace LoJack from Absolute Software, Inc.
Mobility is great, but notebooks can be easy targets for thieves. You need to know that if your notebook is stolen, you can try to get it back.
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Computrace Computrace Complete from Absolute Software, Inc.

This software-based service allows IT administrators to track their PC assets and prevent PC loss by monitoring which users are using assets, where they are, and what changes they make. Plus, Absolute Software guarantees recovery of stolen systems within 60 days or refunds up to $1000 per PC.

Ask your Lenovo Sales representative or local business partner for more information.

WinMagic WinMagic SecureDoc for Lenovo
WinMagic SecureDoc for Lenovo, is a full-disk encryption (FDE) solution for central management of new self-encryption hard drives that meet the Opal standard issued by the Trusted Computing Group. Lenovo ThinkPad laptops and ThinkCentre desktops will now be among the first PCs to offer Opal standard FDE drives for an enhanced level of security and manageability for IT administrators. SecureDoc also delivers fully-managed software encryption for PCs without self-encrypting hard drives, providing flexibility and a migration path for large organizations with strong security requirements. SecureDoc for Lenovo not only provides PCs with transparent, built-in full-disk encryption and support for multiple authentication methods, but also integrates with other ThinkVantage tools such as Lenovo's Rescue and Recovery program. Additionally, SecureDoc makes it simple for Lenovo users to add full-disk encryption and central encryption management to Intel® Anti-Theft Technology (Intel® AT) – a laptop theft deterrence mechanism enabling IT administrators to remotely disable stolen laptops whether or not they are connected to the Internet.

SecureDoc for Lenovo comes with an enterprise-class console to reduce administrative costs to manage data security profiles and monitor thousands of end-point devices running on Windows, Mac, or Linux platforms.

WinMagic supports over three million SecureDoc users in approximately 43 countries. Ask your Lenovo Sales representative or local business partner for more information.
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WinMagic Computrace® Mobile by Absolute® Software
This software-based service allows organizations to centrally track and secure their ultra-portable devices within a cloud-based console – the Absolute Customer Center. Lenovo customers can perform pre-emptive and reactive security measures to safeguard a missing, lost, or stolen device and the data it contains.