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Whether you're looking for antivirus tools or Lenovo's ThinkVantage Technology software, you can quickly download the latest software from Lenovo and our software partners.
Hardware Password Manager Hardware Password Manager
In this age of mobile computing, companies are faced with a serious problem of protecting their notebooks (and the data they contain) against the possibility of theft. The PC industry standard is to utilize four hardware passwords to protect the PC. Lenovo has improved this solution with the introduction of the Hardware Password Manager (HPM) which enables a user to centrally manage the four hardware passwords.
Use Hardware Password Manager to:
  • Protect data on PCs
  • Deter internal theft
  • Centrally control BIOS configurations
QuickBooks LANDesk® Management Suite for ThinkVantage® Technologies (45-day trial version)
Completely integrate ThinkVantage Technologies and LANDesk® Management Suite into a single console to access best-in-class Lenovo PC life cycle management capabilities along with the ability to:
  • Scan and patch machines before they access your network.
  • Discover and track all your IT assets for usage, costs and end-of-life.
  • Prevent security threats by immediately patching all your machines.
  • Block and remove harmful applications, spyware and malware.
  • Distribute all software, applications and images.
  • Quickly comply with compliance audits.
Network Magic Pro 4.6 from Pure Networks (30-day trial)
Whether you are a small business owner or someone who wants to do more with your home network, Network Magic Pro is the networking tool for you. Set up your network in minutes-no computer expertise needed.
  • Print from any computer and share files
  • Secure your wireless network from intruders
  • Monitor web sites visited on any computer
  • Test your Internet speed to optimize performance
  • Connect NAS devices to your network
  • Access files and folders remotely
Norton Internet Security™ (30-day trial version)
Surf, shop, and bank online safely. Norton Internet Security detects and eliminates online threats and prevents cybercriminals from stealing your identity and hard-earned cash with the fastest, lightest protection in the industry.
Serden Serden Interact ES for ThinkVantage Technologies
Serden InterAct ES for ThinkVantage Technologies (TVT) delivers advanced PC performance reporting and analysis to IT managers for improved system management, end user productivity and business efficiency. InterAct ES for TVT was developed in collaboration with Serden Technologies, the leading provider of End User Service Management solutions, to identify root PC performance issues, project how applications and PCs will perform under specific conditions, and provide insight on how to improve end user computing satisfaction.
Softex OmniPass Client Edition (trial version)
OmniPass Client Edition is a PC client application that can be used by consumers and enterprises to securely login to websites and applications (SSO) as well as protect data on a PC. Used standalone or in conjunction with strong authentication devices such as fingerprint readers or smart cards, OmniPass allows users to conveniently and securely forget about passwords and protect their data.
ThinkVantage ImageUltra Builder and ImageUltra Services (trial version)
ImageUltra Builder is a do-it-yourself software tool that allows you to manage your image in-house. You can use ImageUltra Builder to support both Lenovo and other Windows®-based clients.
Sophos SafeGuard® PrivateDisk Enterprise Edition (trial version)
SafeGuard PrivateDisk is a compact file security solution that protects confidential files against unauthorized access and intrusions by creating a secure drive partition. SafeGuard PrivateDisk accomplishes this by creating an encrypted virtual disk partition on your computer.
  • Advanced security algorithms
  • Encryption of all external media (floppy, Zip, CD, DVD, memory stick; flash memory card)
  • Authentication choices (password, X.509 certificate, smartcard)
  • Central administration for ease and lower IT costs
  • GPO (Group Policy Object) based features tools to create and activate Virtual Disks automatically