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Window Vista® demos
Get things done and get on with life! It's easier and faster than ever to find, use, manage, and share information on your PC or on the web.
video "Easier than ever” demo
Relax, the security and health of your PC is automated across everything you do, so you can focus on the things you enjoy.
video "Enhanced security" demo
  More entertaining
Go BIG with Windows Media Center! Expand your ability to enjoy and share your television, photos, music, and games—in your living room or around your house—all with the click of a remote control!
video "More entertaining" demo
More mobile
Take it all with you! Enjoy your entertainment, and connect and share your information with friends and family while you're on the go.
video "More mobile" demo
Windows Vista Home Premium demos
TV and movies
Your shows on your time.
video "TV and movies" demo
Music the way you want it.
video "Music" demo
More games. More play. Your way.
video "Gaming" demo
Turn everyday moments into lifetime memories.
video "Memories" demo
Getting it done just got more fun.
video "Productivity" demo
Connect and communicate like never before.
video "Communication" demo
Windows Vista Business demos
Data backup and security
Enjoy a safer computing enviorment.
video "Backup and Protect" demo
Business and financial management
Organize your day and your company's finances.
video "Work more efficiently" demo
  Mobility and communication
Your work place unplugged.
video "Stay connected " demo
Growth and change
Ready to grow when you are.
video "Growth and change" demo
Windows Vista Ultimate demos
The Ultimate!
Ultimate Business. Ultimate Fun. Your peek into Windows Vista Ultimate.
video "Ultimate" demo
  Ultimate extras
See exclusive software and services only available to Windows Vista Ultimate users.
video "Ultimate extras " demo
See which version of Vista is right for you
Compare the different versions of Vista to see which one is right for you.
video Compare editions
Ready to buy
Customize and buy an exceptionally engineered PC.
Microsoft Office
Add a 2007 Microsoft Office suite to your system purchase. It's the most significant update to the Office interface in more than a decade.
video Learn more
Windows Genuine Advantage
By purchasing a Lenovo PC preinstalled with Windows Vista, you can be confident that your software is legitimate and fully supported.
video Learn more
Windows Vista training
Learn about Windows Vista course offerings and media from Lenovo Training Solutions.
video Learn more
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1.  Windows Aero, Windows Flip 3D navigation, Scheduled and Network Backup, Windows Meeting Space, and Tablet Technology are available in Windows Vista Home Premium, Windows Vista Business, and Windows Vista Ultimate.
2.  Windows Media Center is available in Windows Vista Home Premium and Windows Vista Ultimate. TV playback and recording features require an integrated or external USB TV tuner. Supports up to two TV tuners in all supported regions subject to Windows Vista compatibility with local TV standards; additional DTV/HDTV tuner support is available in the United States and South Korea with compatible hardware. To enjoy all the benefits of Windows Media Center, Internet access is recommended; for some features, such as the Microsoft Electronic Programming Guide, it is required. Internet service provider subscription or other service fees may apply. Microsoft Electronic Programming Guide is not available in all regions or countries. DVD burning, TV features, and remote control support may vary by manufacturer and/or require additional purchases. Support for the Media Center Extender or Xbox 360 will require a wired or wireless home network and additional compatible networking equipment.
3.  Windows DVD Maker, HD support for Windows Movie Maker, Chess Titans, and Mahjong Titans are available in Windows Vista Home Premium and Windows Vista Ultimate.
4.  Additional compatible networking equipment may be required to set up or access a wired or wireless home network.
5.  Internet service provider subscription or other service fees may apply.
6.  Windows BitLocker Drive Encryption and Complete PC Backup and Restore are available in Windows Vista Business and Windows Vista Ultimate.