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Solving real-life customer IT problems Security, Access, Stability, On a tight IT budget? ThinkVantage� Technologies can help.

The Lenovo-exclusive LANDesk Management Suite for ThinkVantage Technologies is a comprehensive, integrated management console optimized for desktop and notebook client management, and integrated with Lenovo's acclaimed ThinkVantage Technologies to provide best-in-class PC lifecycle management capabilities.

What's New!

Integrated management solution that includes:

  • Seamlessly integrated to manage configuration and policies of key ThinkVantage™ Technologies.
  • Integrated Lenovo warranty information
  • Integrated Lenovo BIOS configuration
  • Discover and track all your IT assets for usage, costs, and end-of-life management.
  • Distribute all software, applications, and images quickly and seamlessly
  • Comply with compliance audits quickly and accurately
  • Remote control
  • Software license monitoring
  • Lenovo Mobility Manager add-on enhancements for discovery, inventory and device wipe.

Providing management for all businesses, LANDesk Management Suite for ThinkVantage Technologies offers solutions for customers wanting a fully managed environment. It combines the traditional LANDesk capabilities of asset management, software distribution, system migration, image deployment, and remote control, with the capabilities of Lenovo's exclusive ThinkVantage technologies to provide industry leading features in a systems management console solution.


Automate systems management

LANDesk® Management Suite for ThinkVantage Technologies enables IT professionals to automate systems management tasks and proactively control, update and protect desktops, and mobile devices. Our Lenovo Advanced Deployment Services are available through the Lenovo Imaging Technology Center (ITC).  Our ITC can recommend a customized plan for deployment of your customize image and   seamless automation for migrating user data and application setting. No management solution is more complete, integrated and easy to use with your Think clients. LANDesk Management Suite for ThinkVantage Technologies helps increase enterprise efficiency, enabling IT staff to:

  • Maintain security and keep up with patches and updates
  • Efficiently install and maintain software on the desktop
  • Decrease software licensing costs and respond to audits
  • Reduce the cost of helpdesk support
  • Manage physical, contractual and financial assets
  • Migrate users and their profiles to new operating systems
  • Enables easy deployment of ThinkVantage Technologies
  • Centrally manage deployed ThinkVantage Technologies


Offerings and additional information ThinkManagement Console Console

The ThinkManagement Console helps companies take control of IT assets through extended asset tracking, compliance monitoring and maintenance planning. A unified asset repository brings asset information together so you can change raw data into business intelligence:

  • Discover networked computing devices
  • Automatically maintain detailed hardware and software inventories including ThinkVantage-unique information
  • Gather and track custom data
  • Enables vPro management
  • Plan upgrades and maintenance
  • Quickly respond to audits


Lenovo® Mobility Manager

Zero-Touch Provisioning for Lenovo ThinkPad® Tablets
Has your organization recently purchased a significant quantity of Lenovo® ThinkPad® Tablet devices? Do you need to set them up for your users? How can you accomplish this without un-boxing and touching each device? Lenovo® Mobility Manager is an add-on to the Lenovo ThinkManagement® Console that manages common configuration options for Android OS-based devices such as the ThinkPad Tablet.

Having your IT staff manually un-box and configure each ThinkPad Tablet could cost as much as $37 per device in IT time, additional shipping and miscellaneous costs, not to mention reconfiguration costs. The Lenovo Mobility Manager agent is embedded in the Android OS of each Lenovo ThinkPad Tablet device, making it “IT ready”. There’s no application to download. IT policy is centrally located and the ThinkPad Tablet is configured according to that policy, automating IT involvement. No other solution does what Lenovo Mobility Manager can do on ThinkPad Tablet devices—at any price—enhancing your organization’s mobile device management capabilities.

Gain Visibility Into and Manage Non-ThinkPad Tablet Devices
If you deal with a hybrid, multi-platform IT environment that includes non-ThinkPad Tablet devices, how can you gain visibility into—and provide basic management of—those devices? Fortunately, Lenovo Mobility Manager is integrated into the Lenovo ThinkManagement Console, which enables you to:

  • Discover non-ThinkPad Tablet devices without an agent
  • Gather inventory on non-ThinkPad Tablet devices without an agent
  • Securely wipe devices remotely
  • Plus it integrates through ActiveSync (EAS) and/or BES mobile data synchronization technology


Available Exclusively through Your Lenovo Representative
Lenovo Mobility Manager is available only through Lenovo sales representatives. To arrange a demo, please contact your Lenovo representative. Or click the Brochure tab above for more product details. You're also welcome to take a free, 90-day test drive of the Lenovo ThinkManagement Console with Lenovo Mobility Manager add-on.

For availability and purchase information, or information about additional service offerings, please contact your Lenovo sales representative or Lenovo Business Partner.

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