Ultimate all-in-one entertainment.
IdeaCentre B540 All-In-One Desktop. Maximum Entertainment, Minimum Fuss.
screen size:23''

B Series: Bold, Lean, and Powerful.
Multimedia and More
Multimedia and More
Maximum Fun. Minimal Fuss.
Maximum Fun. Minimal Fuss.
Keep It Simple
Keep It Simple
IdeaCentre B540 All-in-one desktop
Reclaim Your Space in Style.
Looking for a PC that's rich in entertainment and gaming features, but doesn't take up too much space? An IdeaCentre all-in-one from our B Series is the computer for you.

B Series all-in-ones combine the monitor, tower, and power supply of a typical desktop into a single, sleek-looking unit — making it perfect for users who want to get the most out of their living space.

What's more, B Series desktop PCs are engineered for entertainment. Along with powerful discrete graphics options from NVIDIA®, B Series all-in-ones give you a wealth of cutting-edge multimedia features to choose from.

And while B Series PCs may not take up much room, their displays are big enough — up to 23" — to get the most out of your favorite movies, TV shows and games. And with the frameless HD displays on our newer models, your B Series all-in-one will look as good as it performs.
  • The latest touchscreen models employ up to 10-point multitouch and extremely accurate Projected Capacitive Touch technology. *Touch model availability may vary.
  • B Series all-in-ones' sleek design means fewer unsightly cables. And the wireless keyboard/mouse option means your PC environment stays clutter free.
  • VESA mount compatibility makes it easy to fit your B Series PC anywhere — you can even mount it on the wall to create your own home theater.
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Multimedia and More.
Let an IdeaCentre B Series PC entertain you.

After all, that's what they're designed for. From their 1080p HD widescreens to their optional Blu-ray Disc™ drives, B Series all-in-ones deliver the goods. And it's not just video and graphics — with their premium stereo speakers and audio enhancement from Dolby® or SRS®, B Series PCs provide a fully immersive audiovisual and gaming experience.

And if you want to save space and enjoy all your entertainment on one screen, choose a model with OneKey® TV — you can watch HD TV on your B Series PC with the touch of a button. No need to power up the PC either — OneKey TV bypasses the PC booting process and has you enjoying your favorite programs in seconds.

But it doesn't end there. Choose a touchscreen model and enjoy the leading edge of consumer home entertainment. *Touch model availability may vary. Even the B Series' integrated webcams — 720p HD on more recent models — come with an entertainment bonus: Lenovo Camera Fun Zone lets you play games where you interact with the screen by simply moving around. The camera detects your motions and the game responds.
IdeaCentre B320 All-in-one desktop
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IdeaCentre B540p All-in-one desktop
Maximum Fun. Minimal Fuss.
The technology that fuels an IdeaCentre B Series all-in-one may be advanced, but we've designed these PCs to foster a worry-free user experience.

From the simple, right-from-the-box setup to a range of proprietary features, we've crafted B Series all-in-ones to improve your computing experience, save you time, and keep you comfortable.
  • Lenovo's Dynamic Brightness System protects your eyes by adjusting display settings depending on the ambient light in your environment. Meanwhile, the Lenovo Eye Distance System alerts you if you sit too close to the screen.
  • Storage is no worry. With up to 2TB in HDD storage, there's plenty of room for your music, TV shows, movies, photos, games, and other files.
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Keep It Simple.
If worry-free ease of use sounds appealing, IdeaCentre B Series PCs are sure to delight. Our clutter-free design includes sliding back covers that make it easy to open the PC to add memory or other components.

And you won't have trouble connecting to other devices. B Series desktops are equipped with the ports and connectors you need to interact with other devices seamlessly — from HDMI to multicard readers to fast USB 3.0 technology (available on more recent models).

And even if you have trouble with your computer due to a virus or malware, B Series all-in-ones are simple to restore. Lenovo's OneKey Rescue System makes data backup and recovery a snap, leaving you more time to focus on more productive, enjoyable activities.

Finally, our award-winning LenovoCare Support team is there for you when you need them. Choose an extended warranty, premium support, or in-home repair for even more peace of mind.
IdeaCentre B540 All-in-one desktop
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Multi-touch display
Multi-Touch Displays.
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B Series
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