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Reliability. So you can be the CEO, not the IT department.
Businesses rely on their PCs to get things done. They need a PC that delivers high quality and reliability, so they can concentrate on running the company. ThinkCentre desktops are put through a series of rigorous voltage, shock, vibration, and drop tests before they ever reach your desk. ThinkVantage� Technologies such as Rescue and Recovery and Client Security Solution, offer peace of mind for your valuable data and technology investments. ThinkCentre desktops are built with rock solid quality, reliability, and durability, making them engineered to help you succeed.

Security on a corporate level at a small business price
Electronic data security is one of the top concerns of today�s business owners. They want a PC that can protect their data and their technology investment. They also want PCs that can keep up as their business continues to grow. ThinkCentre desktops offer improved security features including a USB panel enable/disable feature to help prevent data theft or sabotage and chassis intrusion detection to help prevent tampering. Coupled with the Fingerprint reader keyboard, ThinkCentre desktops are dependable PCs that can help protect the valuable data and technology investments businesses make.

Energy efficient desktops
Select models of ThinkCentre A61, M57, and M57p desktops and towers meet new Energy Star™ 4.0 compliance. These desktops consume less power, emit less heat and make less noise. The end result for users is a cost-effective PC and a cooler, quieter environment.
Electronic Product Environmental Assessment Tool rates the A61e in the Gold category; making the A61e one of the most environmentally friendly PCs available. The A61e is one of the smallest energy efficient desktops. It is easy to move and install. It also helps keep workspaces clear, and employees productive.

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Productivity for Business
Business owners need every employee to be as productive and efficient as possible. They need PCs that will empower their employees. ThinkCentre desktops help you set up, maintain, understand and enhance your system via the ThinkVantage Productivity Center.

The new Intel® 45nm based processor technology offers improved overall system performance, and expands power management compatibility for new levels of energy-efficiency. Intel® Quad Core support is now available on all A series form factors.
Dual Independence Display (DID)
DID support enables you to view up to 4 screens simultaneously. DID can help reduce errors in text editing, spreadsheets, and other tasks with easier navigation between applications, improving productivity across your business.

With thoughtfully designed tools to increase productivity� and efficiency, ThinkCentre desktops can save you money and time.
The ThinkCentre Energy Calculator
This tool uses actual energy calculations from internal Lenovo testing, to determine the energy savings on our Lenovo desktops, notebooks and monitors.
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