World-class management at desktop prices. The TS200V. The industry's first server with integrated always-on management leveraging Intel® AMT
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Reliable roots
Lenovo ThinkServer™ systems are powered by proven technology, and backed up through the availability of superior technical service and support. In addition to our attractive pricing, take advantage of our creative financing options to enhance your productivity while reducing costs.
Built for your growing enterprise
Our one- and two-way Intel®-based racks and towers are designed with rock-solid engineering so you can focus on growing your business, not than fuss over the technology that should be helping you get there. ThinkServer systems combine thoughtfully designed, business-ready software and service solutions that allow for easy installation, maintenance and updates. And we have models and configurations equipped to meet your specific technology and cost-of-ownership needs.

EasyStartup gets your server up and running quickly and painlessly. Integrated Management Module gives you 'round the clock out of band access to your Thinkserver from any location. EasyManage makes multi-server management a breeze by giving you the flexibility to remotely manage multiple servers from one location.  
No-gimmick trial
Take one of our ThinkServer systems for a spin with our 90-day trial of ThinkPlus™ Priority Support. Enjoy service provided by advanced-level technicians, whether it’s 24/7 hardware and software phone support, onsite next business day service, priority routing, or help from a third-party single source of support. Optional four-hour response and hard-drive retention services also are available.
Unparalleled ownership experience
Lenovo offers training, education and advice that will be available when you need it, on your terms. Our online training is a trusted technical resource providing hassle-free basics on components, diagnostics, troubleshooting and managing your server.
Fresh options
New Lenovo ThinkServer-branded processor, memory and hard-drive options give you extended choice and comfort knowing a trusted name is driving your machine. Our six processors, five memory offerings, and 13 hard disk drives (Simple-Swap and Hot-Swap) are sure to give you a computing edge.
Introducing the Worlds 1st manageable Server for SMB leveraging Intel® Active Management Technology

Offered at a desktop price, the ThinkServer TS200v is an ideal entry single processor server for small businesses, corporate branch offices and Managed Service Providers (MSPs). It is a perfect solution for businesses looking for a reliable server, which is easy to setup and manage and is energy-efficient to reduce operational costs.


The TS200v is the first server in the industry to incorporate Intel® Active Management Technology (AMT), which provides businesses with fully integrated remote management capabilities, unheard of at this price. Now businesses can reduce IT costs and increase employee productivity, without compromising on data security.


Dependable Performance

Designed for continuous operations, the reliable TS200v is ideal for file sharing, printing and critical application services.  With solid performance in mind, the TS200v includes the latest Intel® Core™ i5 series processors, offering Turbo Boost and Hyper-Threading technologies to complete workloads faster and more efficiently.


Highly Managable

The TS200v is the first server in the industry to come with “Always-on” remote management without having to add a $400 management card.  Leveraging Intel® AMT 6.0, this is the only server that can easily integrate into existing AMT management environment providing a tremendous value for Managed Service Providers. The management architecture is designed to work with existing 3rd party platforms such as Level Platforms, Kaseya, N-able, etc.



Proving that Performance & Value come in GREEN!

With energy efficient configurations that are cool and ultra-quiet, this server can easily integrate into a small office environment. It is so quiet you won’t know that it’s running. 


As part of Lenovo’s green initiative, the TS200v complies with industry-leading environmental standards such as ENERGY STAR® Server 1.0 and Climate Savers®.  This contributes to a low total cost of ownership.

Tower servers
  • Single and dual sockets
  • Optimized cooling
  • Great scalability
  • High data storage
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Rack servers
  • Single and dual sockets
  • Space-optimized design
  • Centralized server management
  • Office workhorse
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