ThinkPad Tablet 2

ThinkPad Tablet 2 The Tablet You've Benn Waiting For.
screen size:10.1'' weight:1.25 lbs+
1.25 lbs+
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The Tablet you've been waiting for
The thin and light design, all-day battery life, always-on connectivity and smooth multitouch convenience consumers expect from tablets. The security, manageability, and compatibility with existing commercial environments IT Managers expect from PCs. The ThinkPad Tablet 2 with Windows® 8 and full Microsoft® Office support redefines your expectations for business and personal computing on the go.
ThinkPad Tablet 2
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The ThinkPad Tablet 2 promises to bring the portability and intuitive interface of a tablet to enterprise environments and everyday life.
Powered for Productivity & Fun
Powered for Productivity & Fun
Make the most of your downtime
Touch. Write. Draw. Type.
Enhance your tablet experience
From Pens to Car Chargers...
Award-winning service & support
A Tablet Serviced Like a PC
ThinkPad Tablet 2
Extreme Mobility.
The 10.1-inchThinkPad Tablet 2 features an IPS (in-plane switching) display for nearly 180-degree viewing angles. Thin and light, it's less than 10mm thick, and weighs a scant 1.3 lbs / 600 grams.

Perfect for on-the-go, ThinkPad Tablet 2 includes 10 hours of battery life, with an always-on smartphone-like experience.
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Powered for Productivity & Fun.
Windows 8 Apps. The ThinkPad Tablet 2 includes visually rich, single-purpose Windows 8 style touch enabled apps including an assortment of games, news, weather, and entertainment.

Processor-Rich, Complex Desktop Software. With up to Windows 8 Pro operating system, ThinkPad Tablet 2 boasts full functionality for desktop applications and unlike some competitor tablets, it fully supports Flash so your internet experience is not constrained.

Full MS Office & Enterprise Application Support. Use basic Office applications like Word or OneNote, or rely on platforms like Outlook and SharePoint. You can even run enterprise-specific apps like corporate databases and VPNs. ThinkPad Tablet 2 features full support.

Superior Web Conferencing. Integrated front and rear-facing webcams, stereo speakers, plus dual noise cancelling microphones enhance video conferencing and chats.

External Device Connection. Full-sized USB 2.0 ports, MicroSD slot, Mini HDMI port, and compatibility with Windows drivers for easy hook-up and expanded interaction (e.g., monitor, printer, camera, DVD burner, etc.).

Easy to Manage With Enhanced Security Features.
  • Full device management with Active Directory, Bitlocker, and Domain Join
  • Trusted Platform Module (TPM) support to protect and encrypt information
  • Live system health monitoring and support
  • Computrace® Mobile Premium/Standard for asset recoveryPremium service available in US only.
  • Absolute Manage for IT administrators to track, maintain, provision, and deploy from a single console
ThinkPad Tablet 2

A perfect on-the-go productivity tool.
Leaving GottaBeMobile
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ThinkPad Tablet 2
Touch. Write. Draw. Type.
The finely honed multitouch display on the ThinkPad Tablet 2 gives you greater accuracy and control—it's especially perfect for multiplayer gaming. But there are times when a pen is more efficient and comfortable.

The optional ThinkPad Tablet 2 Digitizer & Pen offers a precision tip with pressure sensitivity. The active digitizer in the panel turns off touch when the palm rests on the display, for effortless writing and drawing.

Additionally, the optional ThinkPad keyboard with the legendary TrackPoint for easy navigation offers the accuracy and convenience of typing.
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From Pens to Car Chargers— We've Got the Accessories You Need
  • Wireless ThinkPad Tablet Keyboard With Stand allows for more productive and comfortable typing. Keyboard includes red TrackPoint® for easy navigation.
  • ThinkPad Tablet Dock instantly charges the battery, allows for data synching, and device expansion.
  • ThinkPad Tablet 2 Pen pressure-sensitive, for writing and drawing.
  • Privacy Film and Anti-Glare Screen protectors keep your sensitive information concealed and your screen safe while you're on-the-go.
  • Stay powered on with the AC Adapter or Car Charger (DC Charger).
ThinkPad Tablet 2 Accessories
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ThinkPad Tablet 2
A Tablet Serviced Like a PC.
Award-winning Lenovo Services provide a single-source solution for your enterprise.Not all services are available in all countries.
  • Extended Warranty: Each ThinkPad Tablet 2 is protected by a one-year base warranty, which can be extended to up to three years.
  • Accidental Damage Protection protects against incidents outside of warranty coverage.
  • On-Site Support: we also meet the essential IT support needs that keep you and your business productive.
  • Custom Imaging cost-effective solution available for your organization.
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