ThinkPad E Series

Protect your ThinkPad Edge laptop One power adapter, several devices Wireless keyboard and mouse Store more with a portable hard drive Easy peripheral access
Designed exclusively for Lenovo, the thin, lightweight neoprene Wenger Slim Case is perfect for on-the-go protection of the glossy cover on your new ThinkPad Edge laptop.

No need to carry a bag full of chargers! Use our handy 90W ultraslim AC/DC combo adapter to power your notebook, cell phone or MP3 player.

Add a Lenovo 2.4GHz ultraslim wireless keyboard and mouse combination for convenient desktop use. Contemporary, low-profile design, featuring a compact footprint and cordless freedom, comfort and control.

The high-capacity Lenovo USB 2.0 320GB hard drive is small, lightweight and completely portable without the need for an AC power adapter.

The ThinkPad USB port replicator with digital video provides a quick and easy connection to the workspace peripherals you use every day. Simply plug in the USB cable for access to your monitor, Internet connection/
LAN, headphones/speakers, USB printer, keyboard, mouse and other USB devices.

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