X Series convertible tablet

ThinkPad Tablet sleeve
Designed for hands-free portability, comfort and easy tablet interaction. Glove-like fit protects tablet from scratches, weather, bumps and jostles, and zippered flaps protect ports and allow easy peripheral attachment.

ThinkPad digitizer pen
The digitizer pen comes with pen tips and a pen tip remover tool. Need more than the one included with your X Series Tablet notebook? Grab an extra at checkout!

ThinkPad Tablet tether
Conveniently attaches your digitizer pen to the X Series Tablet notebook so it's always within reach. Comes in a handy 3-pack.

ThinkPad checkpoint-friendly carrying case
Our case meets TSA checkpoint-friendly standards to help you get through airport security faster:
Designated laptop-only section
Lies flat on the X-ray belt
No metal snaps, zippers or buckles inside, underneath or on top of the laptop-only section

90W AC/DC slim
power adapter
Smaller and lighter than our previous adapter, it's easier to pack, energy efficient and includes a dual charging cable and generic USB tip.

ThinkPad USB Port Replicator with Digital Video
Quickly and easily connect to the workspace peripherals you use every day. Simply plug in the USB cable for access to your monitor, USB printer, keyboard, mouse and other USB devices.

ThinkPad USB secure
hard drive
Our handy pocket-sized external hard drive features an authentication keypad, AES 128-bit encryption and centralized password management for extra data security on the go.

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