X Series convertible tablet

Who is the ThinkPad X Series Tablet for?

Healthcare workers
Efficiency, accuracy and convenience are key in the healthcare industry. And as more hospitals and practitioners adopt electronic medical records, easy-to-use, reliable and secure tools are critical.

How X Series Tablet helps:
  • Keep medical records at your fingertips with the lightweight PC you hold like a chart.
  • Share data in real time and collaborate with colleagues wirelessly for speedier analyses and diagnoses.
  • Effortlessly enter data using your fingers or digitizer pen. For even greater accuracy, opt for the multitouch panel with improved touch sensitivity.
  • Help protect patient data with advanced security features like optional fingerprint reader, remote disable and Lenovo’s innovative ThinkVantage® Client Security Solution.
Field and service personnel
Emergency services, government, construction and architecture professionals need rugged, lightweight, wirelessly connected laptops with easy data-entry capabilities, long battery life and outdoor-friendly viewing.
How X Series Tablet helps:
  • Work just as efficiently outside or in your car—even in direct sunlight—as inside with our optional industry-leading SuperBright Outdoor panel.
  • Carry this rugged, lightweight tablet PC into any situation. Its solid ThinkPad design can take the abuse.
  • Work all day unplugged with reliable wireless connectivity and extra-long battery life.
  • Seamlessly record survey data, update electronic blueprints or capture customer signatures with accurate touch-screen technology.

Educators and students
Computers are being used more and more in (and out of) the classroom, with teachers giving multimedia lesson plans while students take digital notes.

How X Series Tablet helps:
  • Teachers can make notes or record data without being stuck behind a desk.
  • Students can easily transition from taking handwritten notes, writing formulas, sketching diagrams and drawing graphs using the digitizer pen to typing a paper on the full-sized keyboard.
  • Students can take better advantage of field trips and nontraditional settings, learning and collaborating from anywhere.
These consummate road warriors can’t afford to miss a beat. On the go, they need the ultimate sales tool—an ultraportable, flexible tablet notebook that keeps them connected to the office and clients.
How X Series Tablet helps:
  • Use the optional SuperBright Outdoor panel for superior viewability outdoors or in your car, or use the optional multitouch panel for easy finger data entry.
  • Take quick notes at client meetings using the comfortable digitizer pen.
  • Work all day no matter where leads take you. Our super light, thin laptop boasts up to 10.3 hours of battery life and lots of connectivity options.
  • Never miss a meeting from the road. X Series Tablet is optimized for VoIP with optional integrated Web camera, stereo speakers and dual-array digital microphones with superior noise-cancellation software.

Software for the ThinkPad X Series Tablet
Consult your sales representative for more information.
Field2Base software enables imme-
diate transfer of data to improve the efficiency of field data collection and communications.
SOFTPRO produces SignDoc®, a biometric solution for signing and sealing electronic documents in a tamper-proof and legally binding manner.
Softex's security and anti-theft pro-
ducts, OmniPass and TheftGuard, are leading products in the security industry.
Dimension 5
Encompass from Dimension 5 offers real-time data collection and collab-
oration from the field via tablet PCs and wireless technology.
Mi-Co 100
Mi-Co's enterprise Mi-Forms Software System enables flexible e-forms design for data capture using digital ink through handwriting interpretation or touch-screen input.
Eagle Productivity
Eagle Productivity Solutions is the leader in high-adoption technology deployments, with measured adop-
tion rates consistently above 90%.
Consumer package goods/ distribution
Intervolve Inc. provides supply-chain software that helps companies auto-
mate the collection, analysis and dissemination of sales and distribu-
tion information.
Proscape Technologies
Proscape is the pioneer and global leading provider of interactive tablet PC selling software for the healthcare industry.
Skura provides full CRM consulting services and market-leading inno-
vative software solutions for
eDetailing and Closed-Loop-Marketing.
Practica Research
Practica Research worked with K-12 teachers to create iEducate™, a comprehensive teacher-productivity application geared to the classroom.
Lecture 123
Lecture 123 provides effective and easy-to-use ePublishing authoring and recording tools.
DyKnow combines sound teaching with intuitive technology to create flexible, scalable and secure software for teaching and learning.
Real Estate
VREO's Real Estate Dashboard® is an easy, secure way for agents to sign documents electronically—anywhere, any time.