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Performance Multimedia on the Go.
Think robust entertainment features aren't compatible with carefree mobility? Think again — IdeaPad Y Series notebooks marshall next-generation multimedia features to produce an unbeatable entertainment and gaming experience.
Multimedia magic
Multimedia Magic
Make your life easier
Make Your Life Easier
Look Sharp, Work Smart
Look Sharp, Work Smart
Cutting-Edge Mobile Performance.
Performance and portability go hand in hand in IdeaPad Y Series notebooks. For too long, laptops haven't had what it takes under the hood to handle multimedia-intensive tasks — but the Y Series changes all that.

From advanced processing to next-generation graphics, from unbeatable boot times to lightning-fast data transfer, IdeaPad Y Series laptops change the game in mobile multimedia.
  • Workhorse CPUs. Latest-generation Intel® Core™ quad-core processing provides the muscle to handle multimedia-intensive programs.
  • Storage to spare. With up to 1 TB HDD storage, you'll always have plenty of room to stash movies, music, games, and other files.
  • Accelerate with SSD. Choose a model with an optional solid-state drive to boost performance even more.
  • Boot up quickly. Sick of waiting forever for your laptop to start? Enhanced Experience 3 for Windows® 7, available on select Y Series models, allows for boot times as much as 40 percent faster than PCs with similar configurations.
  • Transfer data 10 times faster. USB 3.0 ports — available on select models — transfer data 10 times faster than USB 2.0 connectors and use less energy to do so.
  • From laptop to big screen. Want to watch notebook content on a compatible, big-screen TV or monitor? Choose a Y Series model with Intel® Wireless Display (WiDi) technology, which lets you connect without messy, inconvenient cables.
IdeaPad Y500 laptop
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IdeaPad Y400 laptop
Multimedia Magic.
A theater-quality movie experience isn't just for the multiplex anymore. With IdeaPad Y Series laptops, immersive audio and dazzling video — including HD in 3D on some models — is yours wherever you go.

That's because we've chosen the best, smartest technologies available when we engineered the Y Series — from premium speakers and top-of-the-line displays to next-generation graphics and proprietary performance-enhancement features.
  • Leading-edge displays. IdeaPad Y Series notebooks boast LED backlit HD displays for dazzling colors and rich contrasts.
  • Enhanced video. Lenovo's OneKey® Theater adjusts saturation, contrast, distortion, and blurriness to maximize image quality.
  • Premium audio. World-renowned JBL® speakers deliver a premium audio experience.
  • HD in 3D. Prepare to be awestruck. Select IdeaPad Y Series models feature 3D technology that represents a new milestone for laptops.
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Making It Easy to Do What You Want.
IdeaPad Y Series laptops are packed with features to make your user experience as simple as possible — so you can focus on what you want to do.
  • Chat in style. Y Series notebooks sport high-quality webcams that provide enhanced image quality — even in low-light environments.
  • Worry-free. IdeaPad Y Series models are equipped with Lenovo OneKey® Rescue, which makes recovering from technical difficulties a snap.
  • Adaptable performance. Y Series models featuring an Ultrabay let you switch out the optical drive for enhanced graphics or additional storage.
  • Long battery life. Lenovo's Energy Management technology maximizes efficiency and lets you get the most out of your battery.
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IdeaPad Y480 Laptop
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IdeaPad Y580 laptop
Look Sharp...
Real metal shells; textured surfaces; striking, powerful designs — these are just a few of the features you'll see adorning IdeaPad Y Series laptops. Roomy touchpads with, in select models, multitouch capability make navigation a breeze, while ergonomically designed keyboards maximize comfort and minimize typos.

... and Work Smart.
You've selected the Y Series model you want — now check out these Lenovo-recommended accessories to get the most out of your IdeaPad:
  • Lenovo Multimedia Remote N5902. This palm-sized remote makes it easy to navigate your media.
  • Lenovo Headset P950. Get the most out of your premium audio.
  • Lenovo 15.6" Backpack YC600 or Toploader YC300. Tote your IdeaPad in style.
  • Lenovo Wireless Mouse N3. Precision tracking make this wireless mouse a perfect companion to a Y Series notebook.
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Windows® 8
Windows 8
Beautiful, fast, fluid. Windows 8 has been reimagined to be all about you. Put what matters most right on your Start screen, and get instant access to your people, apps, and stuff, so you can spend less time searching and more time Doing.
Lenovo Enhanced Experience 8
Enhanced Experience 8
Rediscover the PC with Lenovo and Windows 8.
Interact: touch, type, click, or wave. Connect: anywhere, anytime. Discover: new uses & a world of apps.
Lenovo Services
Lenovo offers a portfolio of services to support and protect your IdeaPad investment. Lenovo Services help you go the distance with your PC, saving you from unexpected repair costs. Available services include in-home repair, warranty extensions, and accidental damage protection.
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IdeaPad Y Series
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