Series and Models

Key Features

Innovative Design, Responsive Performance.

Lenovo laptops fit any budget while offering many designs and features — from basic family laptops, to high-performance gaming notebooks, to stylish multimode devices with smart designs that adapt to your needs. Match a laptop to your lifestyle.

Lenovo Laptops and Ultrabooks
  1. Lenovo B Series laptops

    Affordable Small-Business Laptops
    Budget laptops designed to meet small business needs.

  2. Lenovo G Series Laptops

    Everyday Laptops
    Everyday, affordable laptops that fit your family's needs and budget.

  3. Lenovo S Series laptops

    Entry-Level Ultraportables
    These sassy ultraportables give you smart performance, good battery life and clean designs, so you can take your online world anywhere, without breaking the bank.

  4. Lenovo U Series Laptops

    Designer Laptops/Ultrabooks
    Make a statement—these svelte, travel-ready Ultrabooks and laptops are meant to be shown off with everyday use.

  5. Lenovo Y Series laptops

    Premium Multimedia Laptops
    High-performance laptops for multimedia and gaming. Y series laptops feature the fastest processors, the latest discrete graphics technology, high resolution displays and studio-class audio.

  6. Lenovo Yoga Laptop Series

    Multimode Entertainment Ultrabooks and Laptops
    Convert between four different modes on these innovative, versatile PCs, whether on the go or at home.

  7. Lenovo Z Series laptops

    Mainstream Entertainment Laptops
    Z Series laptops strike the perfect balance between performance, colorful design, and affordability — so you're sure to be entertained and make impressions — wherever you go.



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