Enjoy a complete video, music and gaming experience—plus long battery life and high-res displays—with an unmatched range of slim, quad core, Android smartphones.

  1. Lenovo S90 smartphone

    Take your selfies to a new level with the stylish S90 smartphone - featuring dual cameras & best-in-class light sensors, beautification features and 5" Super AMOLED HD display.

  2. Lenovo S60 Smartphone

    Styled for fun with an ergonomic, glossy cover and 5" HD display, the light S60 boasts two cameras, social & sharing apps, and fast, responsive power.

  3. S580

    The compact & stylish Lenovo S580 gives you a 5" HD display, quad-core Snapdragon™ processing power, 2 cameras, dual-SIM & more - all in a super light design.

  4. Lenovo S650 smartphone

    The stylish smartphone with its 4.7" qHD display, Smart User Interface and quad core processor is designed to game, entertain and make an impression.

  5. Lenovo S850 smartphone

    Super slim & light, the beautifully-designed S850 boasts a 5” HD display, quad-core processing and two hi-res cameras—within an all-glass display.

  6. Lenovo S860 smartphone

    With its ultra long-lasting battery, quad core computing, 2GB of RAM, and wide-view 5.3 HD display, the S860 smartphone lets you do more gaming, browsing, and messaging—for longer.

  7. Lenovo S930 smartphone phablet

    This phablet style smartphone with its wideview 6" high definition display and Dolby® Digital Plus audio will meet all your mobile computing, gaming, entertainment and communication needs.



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