Lenovo RackPlanner

Rackplanner is a no-charge tool available as an online web-based tool on, or as a downloadable, standalone Windows tool. Rackplanner allows datacenter planners to quickly and easily calculate power (W) and cooling (BTU/hr) requirements for new ThinkServers.

ThinkServer EasyStartup

Get your new ThinkServer up and running quickly with ThinkServer EasyStartup. The intuitive interface makes server installation and configuration a cinch.

ThinkServer Lifecycle Management
ThinkServer Firmware Updater

ThinkServer Firmware Updater is a software application that enables you to keep your system firmware current to avoid unnecessary outages. This firmware application first updates the system and adapter firmware and then once that is complete, updates the hard disk drive (HDD) firmware.

ThinkServer Management Module (TMM)

The TMM provides a hardware based integrated web server exposing many of the manageability features of the ThinkServer, including network settings, user access and permissions, the system event log, remote console and media sessions, and more.

ThinkServer EasyManage

ThinkServer EasyManage provides essential server hardware management capabilities. You can expand this solution to also include software patch, security, antivirus, and much more.

ThinkServer Smart Grid Power Management

ThinkServer Smart Grid provides data center power management solutions for enterprises with complex needs. Based on Intel® Data Center Manager (DCM) technology, Smart Grid delivers policy-based power management controls and sophisticated monitoring. When you need a solution that addresses dozens — even hundreds — of nodes, ThinkServer Smart Grid is the answer.