In the retail sector, where you rely on 24/7 run time, and downtime equals lost revenues, you need server choices with legendary Think reliability, powerful remote manageability features, and the performance to run demanding retail processes with capacity to spare — all with whisper-quiet efficiency. The Lenovo ThinkServer lineup delivers, with its OS-certified, transaction-hungry 2P performance; easy integration into hybrid retail deployments; and value you can’t afford to pass up.

ThinkServer Healthcare Solutions

We have what it takes to power your operations, whether they are at the point of sale, in the back office, or across the network infrastructure.

ThinkServer TS130

Front Office

The ThinkServer TS130 is kiosk-ready and perfect for point-of-sale transactions or front office file-and-print jobs, with its partner-friendly certifications, quiet and power-efficient operation, and tough performance with dependable disaster recovery functionality.

ThinkServer TS430

Transaction Aggregation and Backup

The TS430 will tackle your transaction aggregation needs, with its sophisticated remote management, local backup, extensive redundancy, and expansive I/O options.

ThinkServer RD430

Database and Virtualization

Rack servers like the RD330 and RD430 are ideal for the databases, virtualization workloads, and workhorse deployments of a retail network infrastructure.

ThinkServer RD630

Business Intelligence, including Big Data

For big data analytics, you’ll want the RD530 and RD630, certified with Actian tools and easily handling compute-intensive workloads such as market basket analysis, targeted offers, segmentation, pricing, and inventory.