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With expansive storage, light frames and vivid displays, IdeaPad laptops are built to impress and loaded with advanced hardware and features that empower you to work or play.

IdeaPad Y Series >

Intense Mobile Media

IdeaPad U Series >

Innovate, Compact Design

IdeaPad S Series >

Functional Netbooks and Tablets

IdeaPad Z Series >

Affordable and Robust Entertainment

IdeaPad Yoga >

Affordable and Robust Entertainment


Elegant all-in-ones or beefy desktops; whether you find your joy in watching the latest high-definition movie or blasting digital foes to oblivion, we have an IdeaCentre for you.

IdeaCentre A Series >

Premium All-in-One for Family Fun

IdeaCentre Q Series >

Space-Saving Digital Recreation

IdeaCentre K Series >

Full-Fledged Gaming

IdeaCentre B Series >

Affordable All-in-One

IdeaCentre Horizon Series >

Multi-user, Multimode, Multitouch Table PCs


Mobile and affordable; we've packed our Essential laptops with the advanced hardware you demand while leaving bloated prices behind.

Essential B Series >

Affordability Laptops

Essential G Series >

Feature-Rich and Mobile Affordability


Designed to blend into any home environment while still providing the advanced hardware and features needed to boost productivity.

Essential H Series >

A Desktop for Everyday Computing

Essential C Series >

Compact Working Power