ThinkServer RS140

Compact. Versatile for Business.

Enjoy ultimate flexibility with the enterprise-class, 1U, single-socket ThinkServer RS140 rack server. This compact form factor has a 16.2" deep chassis and features outstanding support for embedded graphics CPUs.

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  • Updates to Buying

    ThinkServer RS140Updates to Buying



    Each organization has a unique set of requirements for server deployments. Which ThinkServer system best supports your key applications? Consider these questions, and see the below examples for more information. Once you have identified the appropriate system, click on the Channel Configurator to design the ThinkServer that best fits your needs, or consult your Lenovo sales rep or Lenovo Business Partner for a custom solution.

    Purpose: What is the primary function of your server? Is it a file/print server, application server, web server? Understanding your server's purpose will help you select the right performance, features, and options to meet your needs.

    Capacity: How many applications do you expect to be running on your server and how many users will you be supporting? This is very important because you want to make sure your solution can handle the applications/users without compromising on application performance and user productivity.

    Existing infrastructure: Is your current server infrastructure located in several regional offices, or at a central location? Does your current server infrastructure use any specific networking or storage technologies? Understanding your current implementation will help you select a server solution that integrates into your existing infrastructure, thereby reducing complexity and cost.

    File & Print



    Number of Users

    Recommended Server

    No other applications will be run on this server Microsoft Windows Storage Server 2012 Standard ROK 1-75 TS140, TS440, TD340, RS140, RD340, or RD440
    75-400 TD340, TS440, RD340, or RD440
    400-1000 RD640
    Yes, other applications will be run on this server Microsoft Windows Server 2012/R2

    Windows Essential Server 2012
    1-75 TS440 , RS140, or RD440
    75-1000 RD640
    Windows Server 2012 (Datacenter) 1-75 RD540
    75-1000 RD640
    Red Hat Enterprise Linux

    SuSE Linux Enterprise Server
    1-1000 RD640

    Email & Messaging


    Number of Users

    Recommended Server

    Microsoft Exchange
    1-1000 RD640
    Lotus Domino 1-1000 RD640
    Linux SendMail 1-1000 TD340, RD340, or RD540
    SuSE Linux Openexchange Server 1-1000 RD640

    Web Serving


    Number of Users

    Recommended Server

    Apache 1-400 RS140, or RD340
    400-1000 RD440 or RD430
    Microsoft IIS 1-400 TD340, or RS140, RD340
    400-1000 RD440

    Active Directory/LDAP

    Number of Users

    Recommended Server

    1-25 TD340, RS140, or RD340
    25-75 RD340
    75-200 RD540
    200-1000 RD640



    Number of Users

    Recommended Server

    Microsoft SQL Database 1-50 TD340, RS140, or RD440
    50-150 RD640
    150-500 RD640
    500-1000 RD640
    1000-1850 RD640
    Oracle Database 1-100 RS140, or RD440
    100-250 RD640
    250-500 RD640
    500-1000 RD640
    1000-2000 RD640

    Citrix & Terminal Services

    Number of Users

    Recommended Server

    1-10 TD340, RS140, or RD340
    11 - 500 RD640


    Number of Virtual Machines

    Recommended Server

    1-15 TD340, RS140, RD340, RD440
    > 15 RD640
    30 + RD640
  • Features

    ThinkServer RS140Features

    Powerful Support for Graphics-Enabled CPUs

    Intel® Xeon® E3-12x5 v3 processors support more HD transcodes concurrently, per rack, than some discrete graphics solutions, which translates to high performance and high image quality. And the RS140 rack server supports the entire line of Intel Xeon E3 12x5 processors with integrated graphics, including E3-1285, E3-1265, E3-1245, and E3-1225. Perfect for enjoying media, cloud gaming, and desktop virtualization.

    Versatile for Business

    How is Lenovo ThinkServer RS140 versatile for business? It's loaded with features, gives you the choice of a dual-chassis, and has a slim, 1U design. The RS140 runs a range of operating systems, including client OS capability for retail applications. It's among the quietest models in the industry, and it features easy-to-use, industry-standard management tools. The RS140 also has networking scalability and a wider range of processor support from Intel® Core™ i3 to Intel® Xeon®. Plus, the RS140 can support 4-post and 2-post racks, giving you more flexibility with your business footprint.

    Built-in Value

    Lenovo aims to add value to your business by including features you need without a lot of the unnecessary extras. Built with generous memory and storage capacity of up to 8TB, Lenovo ThinkServer RS140 is an affordable, entry-level rack server ideal for small- to medium-sized business, workgroups, distributed locations, and webscale workloads. Plus the RS140 features integrated NICs, and an x8 PCIe slot for RAID protection, network expansion, or SSD cache acceleration to better protect your valuable data.

    Smart & Easy Server Management

    Intel's Advanced Management Technology (AMT) offers an easy-to-use management tool for remote diagnostics, updates, and repairs—regardless of platform state. AMT provides OS graceful shutdown to help prevent data corruption at the application and file system level, while also improving power-management features. Plus you get enhanced KVM support for up to 2560 x 1600 resolutions and a broad management-console ecosystem support.

    Lenovo ThinkServer RS140 rack server
  • Tech Specs

    ThinkServer RS140Tech Specs

    PDFThinkServer RS140 Datasheet

    PDFThinkServer OS and Virtualization Options Datasheet

    PDFThinkserver Options Brochure

    DescriptionThinkServer RS140 Rack Server
    • 1 x Intel Xeon E3-1200 v3 Series
    • 1 x Desktop Core i3, Pentium® and Celeron Series
    Operating Systems Supported
    • Microsoft Windows Server 2012 R2
    • Microsoft Windows Server 2012
    • Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2
    • Microsoft Windows Small Business Server 2011
    • Novell® SUSE Linux Enterprise Server
    • Red Hat® Enterprise Linux Server
    • VMware® ESX
    Form Factor/Height
    • 1U Rack
    • 2-Post rail kit**
    • 4-Post rail kit
    Up to 32GB/4 slots (UDIMM)
    1 x PCIe GEN3: FH/HL x8 mechanical, x8 electrical
    Media Bays
    1 x Slim optical
    • Integrated ThinkServer RAID 100 (0/1/10/5)
    • Optional ThinkServer RAID 500 (0/1/10/5*/50*)
    • Optional ThinkServer RAID 700 (0/1/10/5/6/50/60***) Optional Battery
    Disk Bays
    • Up to 2 x 3.5" fixed
    • Up to 4 x 2.5" fixed
    Maximum Internal Storage
    • Up to 8TB (3.5” SATA)
    • Up to 6TB (3.5" SAS)
    • Up to 4TB (2.5" SATA)
    • Up to 3.6TB (2.5" SAS)
    Network Interface
    3 x Integrated Gb Ethernet
    1 x fixed – 300 watt (80 PLUS® Gold)
    3 Fixed fans
    Intelligent Diagnostics Panel
    • Intel® Advanced Management Technology 9.0 (Xeon® models only)
    • Intel Standard Manageability (Core™ i3 models only)
    • 16.9” x 1.71” x 16.2” (429.26mm x 43.43mm x 411.48mm)
    • Starting at 7.4 kg or 16.2 lbs

    Specifications may vary

  • Options & Services

    ThinkServer RS140Options & Services

    • ThinkServer 2 Post Rail Kit for RS-Series (4XF0F28767)

      ThinkServer 2 Post Rail Kit for RS-Series (4XF0F28767)

      Get more flexibility with your business footprint.


      Available in July 2014.

    • ThinkServer RAID 500 Adapter II (0A89407)

      ThinkServer RAID 500 Adapter II (0A89407)

      Upgrade your data-protection and enhance your performance.

    • ThinkServer 1Gbps Ethernet Dual-Port i350-T2 Server Adapter by Intel® (0C19506)

      ThinkServer 1Gbps Ethernet Dual-Port i350-T2 Server Adapter by Intel® (0C19506)

      Leverage the full bandwidth potential of your network and scale your ThinkServer I/O to meet your growing IT infrastructure needs. 

    • Lenovo Services Priority Technical Support

      Lenovo Services Priority Technical Support

      The Lenovo Services portfolio offers flexible solutions to ensure the reliability and availability of your Lenovo ThinkServer. You can choose just the right response time, duration, and optional features to meet your business needs and your budget. Flexible, reliable, and affordable, Lenovo ThinkServer Services offer the right solutions from small businesses to large enterprises.

    Protect Your ThinkServer With Lenovo Services
    services icon

    Why Lenovo Services?

    • Provides a comprehensive portfolio of services optimized to support and protect your ThinkServer investment.
    • Offers access to Lenovo-certified technicians who have been consistently recognized around the globe as best-in-class, as well as access to genuine Lenovo parts.

    Convenient & Flexible Upgrades

    • Offers up to 4-hour response time and 24x7 on-site service minimizing downtime on business-critical applications.
    • Provides access to advanced-level technicians, priority call routing, escalation management, and basic software support.

    On-Site Convenience & Extended Protection

    • Extended Warranties offer fixed-term, fixed-cost protection to help you accurately budget for server expenses (up to 5 years).
    • Upgraded Warranty SLAs  maximize uptime and productivity with convenient, fast repair service at your place of business.

    Other Available ThinkServer Services

    • Priority Technical Support offers direct access to advanced level technicians 24x7.
    • Keep Your Drive provides a convenient and secure way to retain your drive and confidential data if the drive must be replaced.
    • Asset Recovery delivers secure, documented disposition of IT assets and data, helping to mitigate the environmental and data security risks associated with end-of-life asset disposal.

    Learn more about Lenovo ThinkServer Services.

RS140 at a Glance:
Form Factor
1U Rack Server
Up to 1 processor: Intel® Xeon® E3-1200 v3 Series, Intel® Core™ i3 Series, or Intel® Pentium® Series
Memory Capacity
Up to 32GB
Network Interface
3 x Integrated 1Gb Ethernet


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