Need help choosing your next machine? Answer these questions:

1. How would you use your new PC?

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  • For Work: Efficiency and reliability are important in the workplace. You need multitasking power to stay on top of those to-do lists.
  • For Entertainment: You want a PC for everyday entertainment such as movies, music or social networking.
  • For Gaming: You need top-notch hardware so you can explore vast worlds or get your frag on without a hitch.
  • For Home: You want to browse the Web, connect with family and friends, and manage your bills without breaking the bank.
  • For School: You need function, style and mobility for the dorm room, campus and classroom.
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2. What type of PC are you looking for?

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  • Laptop: Portable, smart and fast; the perfect combo.
  • Convertible: One device, multiple possibilities. Convertible PCs can be used as a laptop, tablet or more.
  • Touch Laptop: Laptops with touch displays; optimized for the Windows 8 touch experience.
  • Desktop: Your PC will remain in one place and you would like a little extra computing power.
  • Tablet: A mobile device that you operate by touching the screen.
  • I don't know: You are not sure which type of PC you need.
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3. What features are important to you?

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  • Touchscreen: You want a touch display to take full advantage of the Windows 8 touch experience.
  • Performance: You need a PC that won't slow down when running processor-taxing applications or multiple programs at once.
  • Long Battery Life: You don't want to be tied to the socket; you need a PC that can last through the day without a recharge.
  • Optical Drive: You need a PC with an optical drive so you can watch movies.
  • Colorful : Tired of the standard greys and blacks? You want a splash of color that will stand out in the crowd.
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4. How much are you willing to spend on your new PC?

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  • Up to $599.99
  • From $600 to $899.99
  • From $900 to $1,199.99
  • $1,200 and above
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