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Lenovo System x
  1. ThinkServer Tower Servers

    Workload Hungry. Budget Friendly.
    ThinkServer tower servers provide the performance, reliability, & easy-to-use tools to power your file/print and point-of-sale workloads. Perfect for small databases, basic virtualization, & office applications.

  2. ThinkServer Rack Servers

    Balanced Design. Built for Business.
    For cloud deployments, database, or virtualization workloads, trust ThinkServer rack servers for the right balance of performance, power-efficient designs, & extensive standard features that deliver an impressive ROI.

  3. System Networking

    Open Interoperability. Simple Deployment.
    Designed for the data center & clouds: high-performance, software-defined network (SDN)- ready, & budget-friendly.

  4. High-Density Servers

    Maximum Processing Power. Usable Density.
    Powerful platforms for compute-intensive workloads, including technical computing, grid, analytics, cloud, & more.

  5. Enterprise Servers

    Fast, Agile, Resilient Platforms.
    High-end rack & blade servers suited for heavy vertical workloads, virtualization, & legacy system replacements.

  6. Blade Servers

    Flex Innovation. Performance With Scale.
    Optimized for large consolidation environments, server & infrastructure replacement, & remote environments.

  7. System x Tower Servers

    Affordable Versatility & Performance.
    Ideal for smaller businesses, smaller remote environments, & meeting stand-alone requirements.

  8. System x Rack Servers

    Performance-Booster. Business-Critical Solutions.
    Great for small- to mid-range businesses, segmented workloads, & fit-for-purpose applications.

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