Choosing the best operating system for your server just got a lot easier. Pair your ThinkServer rack or tower with trusted OS solutions from Microsoft® — tested for proven compatibility. Whether you&srquo;re a fast-growing small business or a demanding large enterprise with complex needs, Microsoft® offers outstanding choices. We offer a wide variety of Microsoft® server operating systems, either as factory preload or reseller option kit (ROK). For compatibility between software products and the ThinkServer series of racks and towers, view the ThinkServer OS & Virtualization Options Datasheet.

Software Operating Systems

Windows® Small Business Server 2011 Essentials

Supports up to 25 users

This OS provides a simple, easy-to-use solution to help protect your business data with daily backup features for your computers and servers. Plus, you can organize and access business documents from virtually anywhere with centralized storage — and the ability to grow as your business grows.

  • Based on Windows® Server 2008 R2 Standard technologies
  • Integration with compatible online services


  • Daily automatic backups of clients and servers
  • Affordable and easy to deploy, use, and maintain
  • Organize and access files from virtually anywhere
  • Effortlessly connects to online services in order to expand capabilities

Windows® Small Business Server 2011 Standard

Supports up to 75 users

This OS delivers enterprise-class technology in an affordable, high performance all-in-one solution. Your customers will have easy access to e-mail, contacts, calendar, and business resources from any internet-connected PC through the new and improved Remote Web Access. Windows® Small Business Server 2011 Standard allows customers to share files, network resources, printers, and fax machines, while protecting their vital business information with automatic data backups and recovering accidentally deleted files.

  • Based on Windows® Server 2008 R2 Standard technologies
  • Microsoft® Exchange Server 2010
  • Windows® SharePoint Foundation 2010
  • Updated Remote Web Access
  • WSUS 3.0 SP2


  • Backup business data with restoration and recovery features
  • Affordable and easy to deploy, use, and maintain
  • Enterprise quality functionality and productivity capabilities
  • Organize and access files from virtually anywhere

Windows® Server 2012

You rely on ThinkServer racks and servers to power your business-critical deployments because you trust the world-class quality and legendary innovation from the makers of Think products. And, you trust Microsoft server software choices to deliver productivity and efficiency throughout your business, be it small offices, large enterprises or something in between. Windows Server 2012 brings Microsoft’s experience building and operating public clouds to customers running the Windows Server platform. It can help you deliver and manage a cost-effective IT infrastructure–both physical and virtual. It provides a modern, open application platform for both today’s software applications and tomorrow’s hybrid cloud solutions. And it helps you provide users with access from almost anywhere and any device, giving them the flexibility to stay productive while on the go.

Beyond Virtualization

Windows® Server 2012 offers a dynamic, multitenant infrastructure to help you scale and secure workloads and build a private cloud. Windows Server 2012 can help you provide:

  • Complete Virtualization Platform - A fully-isolated, multitenant environment with tools that can help guarantee service level agreements, enable usage-based chargeback, and support self-service delivery.
  • Improved Scalability and Performance - A high-density, scalable environment that you can modify to perform at an optimum level based on your needs.
  • Connecting to Cloud Services - A common identity and management framework to enable highly secure and reliable cross-premises connectivity.

The Power of Many Servers, the Simplicity of One

Windows® Server 2012 delivers a highly available and easy to manage cloud-optimized platform. Windows Server 2012 can help you provide:

  • Flexible Storage - Diverse storage choices that can help you achieve high performance, availability, and storage resource efficiency through virtualization and storage conservation.
  • Continuous Availability - New and improved features that provide cost-effective, highly available services with protection against a wide range of failure scenarios.
  • Management Efficiency - Automation of a broad set of management tasks and simplified deployment of workloads as you move toward full, lights-out automation.

Every App, Any Cloud

Windows® Server 2012 offers a cloud-optimized server platform that gives you the flexibility to build and deploy applications and websites on-premises, in the cloud, or across both. Windows Server 2012 can help you deliver:

  • Flexibility to Build On-Premises and in the Cloud - A consistent set of tools and frameworks that enables developers to build symmetrical or hybrid applications across the datacenter and the cloud.
  • A Scalable and Elastic Infrastructure - New features to help you increase website density and efficiency, plus frameworks, services, and tools to increase the scalability and elasticity of modern applications.
  • Modern Workstyle, Enabled
    Windows® Server 2012 provides users with flexible access to data and applications while simplifying management and maintaining security, control, and compliance. Windows Server 2012 can help you offer:
  • A Full Windows Experience Anywhere - A personalized and rich user experience from virtually any device that adapts to different network conditions quickly and responsively.
  • Enhanced Data Security and Compliance - Granular access to data and corporate resources based on strong identity, data classification, and centralized policy administration and auditing.