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An operating system for all

An Android OS powers millions of tablets, smartphones and other devices across the globe. You can keep your data synched across multiple devices and tailor your Android experience to you, with near-limitless customization options.

Backed by the Google App Store

All your favorite apps, games, books, movies, music and productivity tools in one place: the Google App Store is one of the most popular digital media distribution platforms out there with over one million available apps.

The power of Google at your fingertips

Run multiple apps at once or even side-by-side on your Android tablet PC, desktop, or smartphone. What’s more, ease-of-use options such as voice recognition lets you type or browse with just the sound of your voice.

Unparalleled customization

You can more easily organize your life with Android. With customizable widgets, you can check the weather, see your most recent emails, or today’s scores without even opening an app. You can even place your most frequented apps and widgets on the homescreen and group the others in folders.

Seamless experience with your other Android devices

Your Google account is all you need to access all of your data across multiple devices. Just sign in and you’ll have access to your contacts, photos and Gmail whether you’re browsing on your Android tablet or smartphone.