Experience record-breaking database performance at an unbeatable price with the Vectorwise Data Mart Appliance by Lenovo, a pre-configured hardware and software solution optimized to be the most capable analytics tool available for Big Data. The Data Mart Appliance combines Lenovo’s industry-leading ThinkServer RD630 hardware with Actian's record-breaking Vectorwise columnar database software to help your business access and analyze more data, faster.

A powerful combination of smart software and high-performance, affordable hardware, the Data Mart Appliance maximizes the potential of two world-class platforms in an immediate plug-and-play solution. Available for Windows or Linux, the appliance features industry-standard interfaces to integrate smoothly into your existing environment, enabling you to quickly begin benefiting from its capacity, energy-efficiency, and power.

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  • Blazing-fast query performance
  • Parallel execution — process statements concurrently, using multiple CPU cores
  • On-chip cache computing — 100 times faster than processing data in RAM
  • Smarter compression — performed inside CPU, for maximum throughput



  • Balanced CPU, memory and storage resources
  • Sophisticated and dynamic power management tools
  • Compliant and compatible with industry standards for seamless operation with legacy platforms
  • Certified with common BI tools

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  • Attractive entry price
  • Lower total cost of ownership
  • Greatly reduced deployment costs, due to pre-tuned, balanced configuration


Ease of Use

  • Get up and running within minutes
  • Fastest time to value
  • Simple to install and manage

Exploding data volumes should be GOOD news for your business;
rise to the occasion with the Vectorwise Data Mart Appliance.

  Express Small Enterprise
Vectorwise Data Limit 100GB 1 TB
Lenovo Product RD630 RD630
Operating System Windows 2008 R2 Enterprise Windows 2008 R2 Enterprise
Memory Capacity 64GB (8x8GB) 128GB (16x8GB)
CPU Installed 1 x E5 - 2643 2 x E5 - 2667
Disk Space 100GB 1 TB
RAID card and configuration ThinkServer RAID 700, RAID 10 ThinkServer RAID 700, RAID 6
Redundant Power Yes Yes
Redundant Fans Yes Yes
Remote Management ThinkServer Management
Module Premium
ThinkServer Management
Module Premium