Configure to order, customize your specification.

Configure to order. Customise the specification in our online shop.
We all wish we could make small changes to a standard laptop to make it just perfect... With Lenovo, you can. We put you in charge of your laptop configuration so you can design a ThinkPad that fits your needs.

We have made it easy for you to build a custom computer without the problems of physically building your own machine out of parts. We call it configure to order. Basically we let you build your laptop from the ground up.

What you can change.

You can change most things that gives you a better performance. If you want your PC to be faster, bigger or better you can change things like processor, RAM, WAN, graphics systems, HDD, SSD, screen type or warranty. If you want a different screen size, or colour you are best starting from a different model and adjusting the other elements to fit.

How you do it.

Pick a series for the job you want the laptop to do, refine your choice with a screen size and sub series and then pick your starting point and click customise.

  • Ideal for the office

  • THINKPAD T Series
  • -->

  • Built with performance and durability in mind
  • Corporate favourite
  • Flagship laptop series
  • In 14 and 15 inch

  • THINKPAD W Series
  • -->

  • Ideal for ISV-certified and
  • graphics-intensive applications
  • or light CAD/CAM users
  • In 15 inch
  • Light and mobile

  • THINKPAD X Series
  • -->

  • Thin & Light
  • built for extreme mobility
  • In 12 and 14 inch