Network Storage

Ideal for small business & multinational corporations alike, with up to 72TB total capacity, 10Gb Ethernet, an impressive list of software features, & very affordable.

  1. Lenovo Iomega ix2 Network Storage 2-Bay

    A compact and affordable network storage device that's perfect for small businesses, home offices, or advanced home networks.

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  2. LenovoEMC px12-450r Network Storage

    This powerful network storage array provides the superior performance and reliability your mission-critical data requires.

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  3. LenovoEMC px12-400r Network Storage

    This enterprise class network storage array is ideal for production data stores, server virtualization, backup-to-disk target, and video surveillance.

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  4. LenovoEMC px4-400r Network Storage

    An affordable, full featured NAS that comibines advanced data protection plus local and remote content sharing.

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  5. LenovoEMC px4-300r Network Storage

    This high performance, server-class rackmount array is ideal for small/medium-sized businesses and distributed enterprises.

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  6. LenovoEMC px6-300d Network Storage

    This server class desktop network storage device is ideal for small- to medium-sized businesses.

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  7. LenovoEMC px4-400d Network Storage

    Perfect for small and medium sized businesses and distributed enterprises. It combines data protection plus local and remote content sharing.

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  8. LenovoEMC px2-300d Network Storage

    Engineered for small and medium sized businesses, this high-performance desktop optimizes content sharing and data protection.

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  9. Lenovo Iomega ix4-300d Network Storage

    Store, protect and share all of your important files, locally and remotely.

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  10. Lenovo Iomega EZ Media & Backup Center

    Backup, share and access files on your home network.

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Compute, storage, networking, solutions, and services capability spanning data centers to mobile devices, coupled with industry partnerships that augment our offerings, enable Lenovo to meet your diverse business needs.