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Premium performanceEpic batteryHeroic durability
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Intel® Turbo Boost Memory and solid-state storage drives expedite boot and application load times. The result? You keep your momentum strong and moving in the right direction — and your agenda in the front seat, where it belongs.

ThinkPad T: Back view of laptop

The business world spins faster than ever, and it certainly won't wait while you charge your battery. Add a 9-cell slice battery and get up to 18 hours of power on the ThinkPad T Series.

Lenovo ThinkPad T disk view

Baked, battered, and blistered by the elements over and over, the T Series sets the highest standard for core ThinkPad strength. It’s hit the gym the hardest and endured the toughest workouts just so you can keep effortlessly slicing through your waves of work.

Lenovo’s ThinkPad T Series has long been known as the gold standard for business notebooks.


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ThinkPad T Series drop test