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Virtualization: A Cloud-Ready
& Future-Proof Data Center


Server virtualization is the key process in the evolution of a cloud-ready, future-proof data center for your organization. Virtualization optimizes hardware and software resources, increases automation and thereby reduces operating costs, and ultimately capital expenditure. Lenovo server virtualization will make your IT infrastructure, more agile, more scalable and more resilient. For an in-depth reference, download our VMware vSphere Validated Reference Architecture for ThinkServer.

The journey to a more capable, flexible, agile data center can be made by making deliberate, incremental steps towards a private cloud model. Building the cloud-ready data center of the future requires these key elements:

ThinkServer Virtualization Solutions

Optimized Resources

Computer, storage, and network resources must be pooled and be available to multiple applications. Server consolidation and related resource optimization drives efficiencies and infrastructure cost savings, but also provides the foundation that enables increased flexibility when responding to business requests.

Automation and Resilience

Real-time fault detection and automated responses reduce human involvement and move workloads off any failing components, often without any impact observed by end users. Resiliency moves the responsibility for high-availability from hardware to software, reducing the cost of physical redundancy for hardware and facilities, and increasing application availability by reducing the impact of component and system failures.

Open Standards

Lenovo infrastructure is based on industry standard technologies eliminating vendor lock-in and ensuring that previous investments made in existing data center implementations can be leveraged providing investment protection for the future.


Virtualization is an evolutionary process and can be achieved in cost-effective incremental steps, avoiding disruption, and synching effectively with the growth of your business.

Easy Deployment

Lenovo can deliver step-by-step procedures for deployment. Management tools and best practices simplify and automate many of the tasks involved with deployment.

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