ThinkServer Options

Get added performance and functionality with easy-to-install and configure ThinkServer options. Compatibility tested for seamless integration into your ThinkServer system, these options inherit the base system warranty of the server to which they are installed, including 4-hour service upgrades.

  1. ThinkServer Performance Options

    Add a second processor or expand system memory to boost ThinkServer performance for database processing, virtualization, line-of-business applications, & more.

  2. ThinkServer Hard Disk Drives, SSDs, & RAID Storage Options

    Get uncompromising performance and high reliability while keeping your critical data safe with ThinkServer hard disk drives, solid-state drives, & RAID storage options.

  3. ThinkServer Management Module

    Gain full remote KVM and media access to your ThinkServer—allowing you to perform most functions remotely that would otherwise require a visit to the server.

  4. ThinkServer Networking Adapter Options

    Leverage the full bandwidth potential of your network with Ethernet, converged network & host bust adapters for ThinkServer, provided by trusted industry partners such as Intel®, QLogic®, & Emulex®.

  5. ThinkServer Networking Switches

    Lenovo offers RackSwitch Top of Rack switches that deliver speed & intelligence to the edge of your network, where it's closer to your business & your users. These switches offer low latency & low power use.



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