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High-Performance Ethernet Switches

Whether you’re running a small business or a large data center, implementing virtualization and cloud or not, Ethernet switches are the foundation for high-performance network connectivity. Lenovo now offers a broad line of switches from Extreme Networks that have been tested and proven on the Lenovo ThinkServer family.

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    High Density

    High-density Ethernet switches reduce the number of network layers needed. With fewer layers, there are fewer switches to manage, which means simplified management policies. Additionally, acquisition costs are decreased through less hardware, which reduces operating expenses. More east-west traffic is supported through a higher density switch.

    Energy Efficiency

    Fewer switches result in reduced power consumption, which increases energy efficiency.

    Single Operating System (OS)

    A single operating system means one single user interface for features, reporting, and troubleshooting for all switches. With a single OS, the training required to manage the portfolio of switches within the network is minimized.

    Software Upgrades From a Single File

    Running a single script across the network platform reduces the time needed to deploy upgrades and patches. Additionally, running a single script leads to fewer errors during upgrades. Error prevention eliminates the time required to fix errors, as well as the risk typically associated with software upgrades.


    Built-in intelligence makes switches by Extreme Networks easy to deploy and manage. Automated and self-configuring, they use a single process for network monitoring, analysis, and response, within a single inside-the-Ethernet switching fabric.

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    Extreme Networks Black Diamond® X8


Our systems run efficiently and quietly, for less strain on internal components, lower power consumption, and more comfortable handling.