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ThinkPad 10 is a versatile Windows tablet that adapts for work, home, or mobile use, delivering productivity via Laptop, Desktop, Tablet, or Stand mode. Use with the ThinkPad Tablet Dock or Ultrabook Keyboard for full PC capability, and enjoy a complete ecosystem of options, including a digitizer pen and 3G/4G LTE.

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    Helsinki FI 37 vuotias PK-yrittäjä
    Tyylikäs, kestävä, laitteen koko, erillinen näppäimistö ja bluetooth hiiri toimivat hyvin. Teho / akunkesto suhde aika hyvä.
    Merkkivalo latausta varten puuttuu.
    Windows käyttöjärjestelmässä kaikki sovellukset eivät toimi hyvin kosketus toiminnoilla vaan vaativat vähintään erikseen hankittavan kynän tai mieluummin hiiren.
    Virtanäppäintä painettaessa laite reagoi mielestäni aika hitaasti ennenkuin näkee että laite käynnistyy.
    Vahvistettu ostos: 21 tammikuu 2015
    Julkaistu: 11 helmikuu 2015

    ThinkPad 10

  • Features

    ThinkPad 10Features

    Enterprise PC Capabilities

    With features like an Intel® Quad-Core processor, Windows 8.1, and HD Graphics four times faster than previous generations, this tablet is ready for business.

    Multimode Versatility

    Enjoy the portability of Tablet Mode when you're on the go, or connect it to the optional keyboard base, ThinkPad Tablet Dock, or monitor to use it as a laptop or desktop PC. To watch a video or run a slideshow, flip over the optional Quickshot Cover to enter Stand Mode.

    Full HD (1920x1200) Display With IPS

    The vibrant 10.1" wide-view display uses In-Plane Switching (IPS) for vivid colors and nearly 180-degree viewing angles.

    Ten-Finger Multitouch Technology

    Seamlessly integrate with Windows 8 and enjoy more precise control.

    Manageability Support

    Keep your data secure with features like Mobile Device Management, Workplace Join, and an auto-triggered VPN function when you select an app or function requiring access to corporate data.

    Hardware Support

    Seamlessly connect with external hardware native Miracast wireless display support, WiFi Direct printing, or Near-Field Communication (NFC) to pair printers with a simple tap.

    Dual 1080p HD Cameras

    2MP front-facing webcam for crystal-clear video conferencing, supported by dual digital array microphones with noise cancellation and VoIP optimization. 8MP rear-facing camera with auto-focus and -flash, and video recording.

    Online Connectivity Options

    With 802.11 a/b/g/n WiFi, Bluetooth® 4.0, Miracast support and optional worldwide 3G/4G, you'll be able to connect to the internet wherever you go.

    Optional Quickshot Cover

    Keep your tablet covered, even when taking a photo. Simply flick back the corner flap to expose the lens, and the Windows 8.1 camera app will open automatically. The magnetic closure also triggers and wakes the tablet from sleep mode.

    Digitizer Pen Support

    The optional ThinkPad Digitizer Pen performs capacitive touchscreen functions — swipe, drag, open, click — with precise control, includes a right-click button, and converts your handwriting into digital text.

    HDMI Output

    The Mini HDMI-out port allows easy connection to an HD television or other monitor.

    ThinkPad 10 Tablet from Lenovo
    Multimode Versatility
    ThinkPad 10 Tablet from Lenovo
    ThinkPad 10 Full HD IPS Display
  • Accessories & Services

    ThinkPad 10Accessories & Services

    • ThinkPad 10 Ultrabook Keyboard (4X30E68124)

      ThinkPad 10 Ultrabook Keyboard (4X30E68124)

      122,76 €
      Toimitus 9 arkipäivässä

      Maximize the power of ThinkPad 10 with this full-sized, yet portable, keyboard with mechanical keys, built-in glass touchpad, LED status light, and digitizer pen slot. Light on weight, heavy on production.

    • ThinkPad 10 Digitizer Pen (4X80F22107)

      ThinkPad 10 Digitizer Pen (4X80F22107)

      24,80 €
      Toimitus 7 arkipäivässä

      Perform capacitive touchscreen functions — swipe, drag, open, click — with more precise control, or convert your handwriting into digital text. Pen includes a right-click button.

    • Quickshot Cover (4X80E76538)

      Quickshot Cover (4X80E76538)

      42,16 €
      Toimitus 9 arkipäivässä

      Be photo-ready with the flick of a finger. This case's unique Quickshot flap exposes the lens and triggers the camera app. Lined with non-abrasive microfiber, the case is easy to install or remove, and includes a magnetic closure that triggers sleep mode when closed and awakens the tablet when opened.

    • ThinkPad Tablet Dock (4X10E76536)

      ThinkPad Tablet Dock (4X10E76536)

      119,04 €
      Toimitus 1-2 viikon kuluessa

      Create a productivity center at home or the office with this convenient port that includes three USB 3.0 ports (one always-on, for charging companion devices), HDMI and audio ports, PXE boot support, and Ethernet connector.

    Protect Your ThinkPad Tablet With Lenovo Services
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    Why Lenovo Services?

    • Comprehensive portfolio of award-winning services to support your PC throughout its lifecycle.
    • Services performed by Lenovo-certified technicians using Lenovo-qualified parts. No one knows our machines like we do!
    • Global delivery network and infrastructure delivering expertise where you need it most.

    24/7 Access to Advanced Technicians

    • Priority Technical Support makes your priority, our priority. 24x7 priority call routing to Lenovo’s advanced-level technicians, electronic incident tracking, and escalation management.

    On-Site Convenience and Extended Protection

    • Extended Warranties (up to 3 years) offer fixed term, fixed cost protection to help you accurately budget for PC device expenses.
    • Warranty Upgrades/On-Site Service can maximize uptime and productivity with convenient, fast repair service at your place of business.

    Drops or Spills? No Problem With Accidental Damage Protection

    • Accidents happen, but it’s still possible to protect yourself from expensive, unexpected repairs. Lenovo provides coverage for damage incurred outside of warrantee under normal operating conditions, such as minor spills, drops, electrical surges, or damage to the integrated display.
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Standard on the ThinkPad 10:
Battery Life
**Up to 10 hours
Starting at 1.3 lbs (598 g)
Stereo, with integrated Intel® High Definition Audio
Micro HDMI, USB 2.0, Micro SD slot, audio combo


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