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Lenovo Services Premium Support provides a quick, stress-free way to set up your new peripheral hardware and ensure your wireless network is connected and secure. Call us to help you! 091-16136136  Only £ 1.53 per minute

What We Do Benefits to You
  • Verify that a proper connection between printer and computer is established

  • Walk you through software driver installation

  • Configure software and troubleshoot installation errors

  • Teach you how to add additional systems later

  • Check and configure your wireless security on your router or modem

  • Establish a password for your Wi-Fi device to make it visible only to you

  • Hide your Wi-Fi signal from others
  • Save time and frustration associated with setting up your printer or Wi-Fi.  Get it done quickly by experts you can trust.

  • Ensure your network is secure and your personal information is protected

What we don’t do:
  • Install internal hardware

  • Troubleshoot or configure advanced settings

  • Set up a new network

  • Advanced router setup

  • Provide assistance with phones or PDA devices
Call us when you have a PC issue. All of our services are only £ 1.53 pre minute.
Supported Software  


Lenovo systems undergo stress tests to meet rigorous reliability standards. Many of our laptops pass 8 military tests for extreme condition with dust, vibration, heat, cold, altitude, water, and humidity.