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Introducing the ultimate multimode Ultrabook™. The Intel®-inspired YOGA 2 Pro is a PC, a tablet, and more. Its super-high resolution QHD+ multitouch display flips back 360 degrees to offer four different usage modes: Laptop, Tablet, Stand, and Tent. Life has many modes; so should your technology.

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    Lenovo YOGA 2 ProFeatures

    360-Degree Flip-and-Fold Design

    A PC when you need it, a tablet when you want it, and more. Easily change between four modes — Laptop, Stand, Tablet, and Tent — while Lenovo Transition automatically switches system settings and locks the keyboard in place. The secret: The Yoga 2 Pro's unique design and touchscreen display allows the screen to flip around 360 degrees, which means you can select the mode you use based on what you choose to Do.

    Apps for Every Mode

    Yoga 2 Pro now comes loaded with custom software that helps you get the best of every mode. Our exclusive Lenovo Recommends software recognizes when you switch modes and recommends apps that work best. Preloaded apps like Phone Companion, Camera Man, Photo Touch, and Chef give you the best experience of each mode and let you have fun while you're at it.

    Quad HD+ Display

    The Yoga 2 Pro's super-high-resolution QHD+ (3200 x 1800) 10-point multitouch display delivers spectacular visuals, while in-plane switching (IPS) technology assures that images will be crisp across a wide viewing angle.

    Cutting-Edge Processing

    The Yoga 2 Pro is powered by the new 4th generation Intel® Core™ processor, which gives you the power to play, create, entertain, or inspire. Enjoy powerful performance and vibrant visuals to multitask with ease, amazing battery life to keep up with you, and built-in security features to help keep your data safer.

    Thin and Light Design; Long Battery Life

    Starting at a mere 1.39kg (3.1 lbs) and just 15.5mm (0.61") thick, the Yoga 2 Pro is ultraportable — it's perfect for doers on the go. And with **up to 9 hours of battery life, you can go all day without recharging.

    Lenovo Motion Control

    Use the webcam as an input device — effortlessly flip pages, rewind/forward music, change volume, and gesture other simple commands with the flick of a hand.

    Lenovo Voice Control

    Lenovo Voice Control lets you perform tasks on your Yoga 2 Pro by simply telling it what to do or asking a question.

    Superfast SSD Storage

    You can count on lightning fast read/write speeds with up to 512GB of reliable solid-state drive (SSD) storage.

    Backlit AccuType Keyboard

    The acclaimed AccuType keyboard is ergonomically designed to make typing more comfortable and to reduce errors, while backlighting makes it easy to use in low-light settings.

    Stereo Speakers With Dolby® Home Theater®

    The Yoga 2 Pro's speakers deliver rich stereo sound, while Dolby Home Theater provides an immersive audio experience.

    Lenovo Yoga 2 Pro
    360-Degree Flip-and-Fold Design
    Lenovo Yoga 2 Pro
    Quad HD+ Display
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    Lenovo YOGA 2 ProReviews

    Yoga 2 Pro reviews verified by Reevoo

    Battery life
    Size and weight
    Value for money
    Overall rating
    Scores 8.2 out of 10 based on 274 reviews
    8 out of 10


    Hertfordshire, England GB General home user
    Keyboard is a delight and easy to use.
    Power pack is small and light; and lead to mains socket is long which is very useful.
    Touch screen is very responsive.
    New windows software - it is not user friendly - it is confusing and irritating.
    No paper manual included.
    No hints and tips for shortcuts and useful moves.
    Confirmed purchase: 01 July 2015
    Published on: 23 July 2015

    Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga 2 Pro

    8 out of 10


    GB General home user
    Great product
    Reviewer left no comment
    Confirmed purchase: 11 May 2015
    Published on: 28 June 2015

    Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga 2 Pro

    9 out of 10


    Hayes Middlesex GB
    It is a very powerful slim i7 laptop. Flips 360 degrees and turns into a tablet also.
    Does not come with a CD so had to purchase an external DVD/CD player from Ebay. Also comes with only a 250 Gig HDD. Also, it does not have a LAN ethernet port.
    Confirmed purchase: 09 May 2015
    Published on: 08 June 2015

    Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga 2 Pro

    10 out of 10


    GB General home user
    I love how thin the chassis is, and the orange finish is beautiful. The touch-screen is responsive and the performance is acceptable.
    The touchpad is horrible; the cursor will always jump a few pixels out when you tap to click (enough to make you miss a button). A mouse is recommended.
    Confirmed purchase: 16 April 2015
    Published on: 12 May 2015

    Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga 2 Pro

    10 out of 10


    Wickham Bishops GB Business user
    Light weight, fast, sharp screen
    Not sure it will easy/possible to upgrade the hard drive...there is little/no information on this
    Confirmed purchase: 26 March 2015
    Published on: 22 April 2015

    Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga 2 Pro

    1 out of 10

    Confirmed purchaser

    Reviewer left no comment
    Unfortunately after 3 weeks the laptop suddenly started smoking, I turned it off quickly but it had already melted a hole at the bottom of the monitor.

    Confirmed purchase: 18 February 2015
    Published on: 10 April 2015

    Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga 2 Pro

    3 out of 10


    London GB Student
    Very good and sleek design for a laptop
    The space bar is literally the worst spacebar i have ever used.

    When typing, if i didn't have to go back and correct everything, it would look like this:

    Hi, my nameisa customer and i wouldlike to say that the my laptop hastheworst spacebarever.

    Its disgusting how bad this space bar really is.

    Please do something about this and it is infuriating me.
    Confirmed purchase: 02 February 2015
    Published on: 07 April 2015

    Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga 2 Pro

    Hi Steven,

    Apologies for the fault detailed within your review and for any inconvenience caused. Please contact our support team, they will be able to provide a solution.

    Thank you for your Reevoo review,

    Best wishes

    Support tel: 0333-777-3991
    Online support: http://www.lenovoshop.com/support/len_uk/

    8 out of 10


    london GB Business user
    slim and light
    battery dying quicker than expected and automatic brightness of the screen not great
    Confirmed purchase: 05 March 2015
    Published on: 26 March 2015

    Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga 2 Pro

    9 out of 10


    Norwich GB Business user
    Very light compared to the high level of operating system it uses (i7), many other larger and heavier laptops out there.

    Simple but good design.

    Great bit of kit.
    Battery life is not as good as old MacBook pro, although can easily get 5hrs from it and that's more than enough as normally plugged in.
    Confirmed purchase: 10 February 2015
    Published on: 03 March 2015

    Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga 2 Pro

    8 out of 10


    London GB Often on the move
    The pricing is very reasonable, the computer is super slim, and the screen is comfortable to use.
    The keyboard doesn't always respond, the computer is quite slow and it's a nightmare to upgrade the RAM (is it even possible?)
    Confirmed purchase: 07 February 2015
    Published on: 28 February 2015

    Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga 2 Pro

  • Ask an Owner

    Lenovo YOGA 2 ProAsk an Owner

    Here's a list of the questions other shoppers have asked owners of the Yoga 2 Pro

    1. Natalie asked on
      Would this be any good to use gopro?
      1. Leslie replied on
        I download go pro onto mine and use the software no problem.
    2. Elodie asked on

      is the hard drive 500GB SSD?
      1. Jo replied on
        It is a 500GB SSHD.
      2. Liam replied on
        As Jo said, it's a 500GB SSHD, which is a hybrid drive, i.e. not a proper SSD.
        It is a 500GB normal hard drive, but with an 8GB SSD portion built into it used to cache frequently accessed files etc....
        Doesn't really add that much "noticeable" extra performance over and above a straight forward hard drive, compared to a proper fully fledged SSD......Hope that helps?
    3. Jake asked on
      Would it be capable of doing some light CAD work or casual gaming?

      1. Jason replied on
        Yes I believe so...
    4. Emma asked on
      I've been considering buying the Lenovo yoga 2 13.3" 2 in 1 but after looking at the reviews I've seen that quite a few people have been complaining about wifi connectivity, overheating and battery life. Has anyone had these problems? Or is it a reliable laptop? I'll be using for university and need something that will last the 3 years.
      1. Philip replied on
        Overheating: no worse than any other laptop I've ever had, possibly a bit better.

        Battery life: quite reasonable. It does vary depending on what I'm doing but it rarely causes a problem.

        Wifi: this is less good. Reading reviews indicated that the wireless card in the laptop was not great and recommended replacing it yourself with the upgraded version (requires opening the case but not a big job - Google is your friend here. Cost was about GBP 20). Obviously I can't compare before and after but range / signal strength seems pretty good with the upgraded card. BUT. Had major problems with random disconnects for quite a while. However a driver update a few months ago seems to have made that a lot better - indeed had forgotten about it until I started to answer your questions.

        All in all, very happy with mine.

        Hope that helps.
      2. Mineisok replied on
        I've been quite lucky with my laptop (UK). But a friend who bought it in Asia - used in Asia, has been having problems with wifi and Lenovo dealer there couldn't fix the wifi issue. They said wifi module was replaced but issues still re-occurring....pot luck I suppose.
      3. Nick replied on
        Hi, i haven't experienced the wifi or overheating issues but the battery, which to be fair was not marked highly in the reviews i read, seems to have reduced slightly since purchasing a year or so ago. It will last at least 4 hours on a full charge and full brightness. Other than that it's a very well put togehter machine. My only word of caution is that sometimes, due to the very high reolution the screen is capable of, the resolution of some programmes doesn't compensate and if yur using the full resooution these windows can be very small but it happens with very few third party programmes and your majn office and photoshop etc work fine. Hope this helps.

    5. Belinda asked on
      Does it accept USB/flash drives and how many spaces are there for these? Also does it have a DVD player?
      1. Chris replied on
        Hi, I have had the Yoga 2 for many months now. It does take USB/flash drives, even and SD card reader. It has a USB 3 and a USB 2 socket. No it does not have a DVD drive.
      2. matthew replied on
        Has two usb ports can buy an external DVD drive however due to the power output would require both USB ports to power a external DVD drive as well as certain external hardrives
    6. Catherine asked on
      Can I download Itunes onto the Lenovo Yoga 2 13.3" 2 in 1?
      1. Harry replied on
        Yes, of course.
      2. Dean replied on
        Yes, no problem with iTunes being installed on the Yoga.
    7. Pauline asked on
      Hi I am thinking of getting this for my 10 year old daughter. I am a little concerned that once the device is in tablet mode would the keyboard get damaged?
      1. Paul replied on
        Hi. A slight disadvantage of any convertible lap top is that the keyboard is underneath when flipped. The yoga 2 has the keys slightly recessed and once flipped deactivates. The keys themselves appear to be tough but any user should be cautious as to what surface the lap top is placed upon. If it's handled reasonably sensibly there are unlikely to be any problems.
      2. Ahmed replied on
        I dont think this will cause damage, I also bought it for my Daughter and she loves it.Keys are slightly deeper than the touch pad and sides so if put on flat surface it does not cause trouble.
    8. Cris asked on
      My office work station has two screens, is it possible to export the the Lenovo screen onto 2 monitors for general day to day office work?
      1. Bengt replied on
        Do you mean that you have two external screens, I.E. there are two monitors on your desk, or do you mean that you want to use one external screen to connect so you can use the laptops screen and your desktop one simultaneously?

        If it is the later that should be pretty straight forward, just connect a screen via one of the available ports (you might want to look at mini hdmi cable). If it is the first one I don't quite know if it can run two separate external screens
  • Available from

    Lenovo YOGA 2 ProAvailable from

  • Tech Specs

    Lenovo YOGA 2 ProTech Specs

    PDFIdeaPad Yoga Pro 2 Datasheet

    DescriptionIdeaPad Yoga Pro 2
    • Intel® Core™ i7-4500U Processor
    • Intel® Core™ i5-4200U Processor
    • Intel® Core™ i3-4010U Processor
    Operating System
    Up to Windows 8.1 Pro
    Up to 8GB DDR3L 1600 MHz, on-board two-channel (4GB/8GB)
    13.3" high-resolution QHD+ (3200 x 1800) IPS wide-view display with 10-point multitouch technology
    330 mm x 220 mm x 15.5 mmMeasured at thickest point (12.99" x 8.66" x 0.61")
    1.39 kg (3.06 lbs)
    Video Graphics
    ntegrated Intel® HD graphics 4400
    • **>=9 hrs Windows 8.1 Idle @150 nits
    • **>=6 hrs FHD playback @ 150 nits
    720p HD webcam
    • Integrated stereo speakers with Dolby®
    • Home Theater®
    Integrated Comunications
    802.11 b/g/n, Bluetooth® 4.0Optional feature
    128GB / 256GB / 512GB SSD
    1 x USB 3.0, 1 x USB 2.0, Audio Combo Jack (headphone and microphone), micro HDMI-out, 2-in-1 (SD/MMC) card reader

    Software Offerings

    Security and Support
    • McAfee® Internet Security™ (30-day free trial)
    • VeriFace® Pro
    • OneKey® Recovery

    • CyberLink YouCam
    Internet Solutions
    • Zinio® Online Newsstand
    • SkypeTM
    • Amazon Kindle for PC
  • Accessories & Services

    Lenovo YOGA 2 ProAccessories & Services

    • Lenovo Yoga Slot-In Case

      Lenovo Yoga Slot-In Case

      Specially designed for the Yoga, this stylish cover's unique structure protects the device's keyboard when it faces outward in certain modes, while still allowing easy access to ports. Its texture is soft and comfortable, combining luxury and style with practicality.

    • Lenovo DB80 Ultra Slim DVD Burner

      Lenovo DB80 Ultra Slim DVD Burner

      The DB80 is an ultra-compact, high-performance external CD/DVD writer, designed for IdeaPad devices. It offers superior CD/DVD read/write to provide stable disc burning, media playback and software installation.

    • Yoga Screen Protector

      Yoga Screen Protector

      This screen protector is designed to match the Yoga precisely, providing a perfect user experience for leveraging the capacitive touch technology, while resisting scratches and preventing damage from water, dust, and dirt. It allows a crystal-clear image, and is easy to apply and remove. The high-quality silica gel also minimizes air bubbles.

    • Lenovo N700 Mouse

      Lenovo N700 Mouse

      A 2013 Red Dot Design Award winner, the Lenovo N700 is a wireless mouse that can be rotated into presentation mode, giving the user the flexibility to use a single device for desk work and presentations.

    Protect Your IdeaPad Laptop With Lenovo Services
    services icon

    Why Lenovo Services?

    • Keep it simple, one place for all your PC service needs
    • We know our PCs better than anyone – services performed by Lenovo Certified Technicians using Lenovo-qualified parts
    • Convenient and affordable in-home and 24/7 service options

    Enjoy the Convenience of In-Home Repair

    • Don’t be stranded without your PC — let Lenovo come to you with fast repair services in your own home.

    Protect Your Laptop Beyond the 1-Year Base Warranty

    • Warranty Extensions are available for up to three years (depending on your system).
    • Staying in warranty can help save you from expensive repair costs associated with system components.

    Drops or Spills? No Problem With Accidental Damage Protection

    • Accidents happen, but it’s still possible to protect yourself from expensive, unexpected repairs. Lenovo provides coverage for damage incurred outside of warrantee under normal operating conditions, such as minor spills, drops, electrical surges, or damage to the integrated display.

    Convenient Remote Support When You Need It Most

    Lenovo Services Premium Support provides access to expert technicians when you need them most, from the comfort of your home, with convenient over-the-phone or remote session support. We offer you a one-stop solution for issues beyond your standard hardware warranty, including:

    • Table, internet, or network setup
    • Performance tune-up
    • Software setup and how-to tips
    • Security setup
Standard on the YOGA 2 Pro:
Battery Life
**Up to 9 hours with standard battery
Starting at 1.39kg (3.1 lbs)
1 USB 3.0, 1 USB 2.0, micro-HDMI, 2-in-1 card reader, combo jack
Integrated dual digital array microphone
Stereo speakers with Dolby® Home Theater®


You can tell the difference, from durable hinges to acclaimed keyboards.