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Performance and reliability merge with robust security, stylish professional design, and solid entertainment features in the ThinkPad E555. What’s more, Lenovo OneLink technology simplifies connectivity and expands power through a single cable.

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  • Features

    ThinkPad E555Features

    Lenovo OneLink Technology

    Get more from your power cable! OneLink technology is a unique interface that simplifies connectivity through a single cable to the ThinkPad OneLink Dock. The OneLink dock provides dedicated video, USB 3.0 ports, Gigabit Ethernet, and audio — all while charging your notebook.

    Long Battery Life

    At up to 6.3 hours of battery life, the E555 will keep your business online even when plug-in power is not on tap.

    Award-Winning Keyboard Further Enhanced for Windows 8

    Full-sized and spill-resistant, the legendary ThinkPad ergonomic keyboard is renowned for its full array of keys, excellent feel, and TrackPoint® pointing device. And now it's optimized for Windows 8 with convenient multimedia buttons, function-lock capability, and immediate access to view apps. Plus, a larger TrackPad can be configured multiple ways through Settings.

    Plenty of Storage

    With up to 1TB HDD or a hybrid HDD with an 8GB cache and 500GB storage, you’ll never run out of space for your important files.

    Responsive Performance

    With up to 16GB of memory, you can run multiple high-end software applications without stalling your PC.

    Dolby® Speakers With Advanced Audio™

    Enjoy an immersive surround sound experience whether listening to a presentation or kicking back with a movie. This technology increases audio clarity for VOIP applications, maximizes volume output without distortion, and improves dialogue clarity when watching videos.

    AMD Platform with Enhanced Graphics

    AMD's platform improves visuals by 52 percent and computing performance by 49 percent. Plus, you can enjoy beautiful, lifelike visuals from your E455 with enhanced AMD Radeon™ graphics.

    Excellent Videoconferencing

    Engage with colleagues around the world or connect with family and friends when you travel — the E555 comes with enhanced VOIP features and improved microphones. What’s more, the E555 boasts Lync audio certification.

    Optional DVD Reader/Writer

    There's no need to purchase an external optical drive with the ThinkPad E555 – it offers the option of an integrated DVD/CD-RW drive so you can load programs, listen to CDs, or watch movies or presentations offline.

    lenovo laptop thinkpad e555
    Award-Winning Keyboard
    lenovo laptop thinkpad e555
    Excellent Videoconferencing
  • Reviews

    ThinkPad E555Reviews

    E555 reviews verified by Reevoo

    Battery life
    Size and weight
    Value for money
    Overall rating
    Scores 8.2 out of 10 based on 318 reviews
    8 out of 10


    GB Computer Scientist
    - Price: Really good value for money specs wize. I brought a pretty much fully loaded laptop (i7, 500gb ssgd, 2GB amd radeon gc)
    - Speakers: very clear and the volume is superb.
    - SSHD means boot time is very fast
    - No lights for caps lock, num lock, scroll lock.
    - Screen brightness isn't great
    - Battery life isn't 7 hours without an unusable screen brightness.
    - Foolishly I attempted to login using a Microsoft account. This is annoying and I wish I had known all you have to do is say you don't have one and then you can click sign in without one (underneath the registration form).
    Confirmed purchase: 28 May 2015
    Published on: 20 July 2015

    ThinkPad E550

    8 out of 10


    Salisbury GB Business user
    Full HD display for less than £400.

    Excellent keyboard.
    Upgrade to SSD is too expensive.

    No CAPS lock indicator.
    Confirmed purchase: 12 June 2015
    Published on: 13 July 2015

    ThinkPad E550

    Joe, @ Lenovo

    Hi Alan,

    It's good to hear from you, thanks for your review, your feedback is greatly appreciated.

    Please visit us via Twitter or Facebook if you have any questions in the future.

    Best wishes

    Twitter - https://twitter.com/lenovo_uki
    Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/LenovoUKandIreland

    5 out of 10


    Enniskillen GB General home user
    Design, size and weight
    Batery life, Graphic
    Confirmed purchase: 15 June 2015
    Published on: 06 July 2015

    ThinkPad E550

    10 out of 10


    good value for money, veru happy with it
    Reviewer left no comment
    Confirmed purchase: 05 June 2015
    Published on: 02 July 2015

    ThinkPad E550

    8 out of 10


    Milton Keynes GB Business user
    Good amount of RAM, keyboard feels good to use.
    Hard disk is slow (I've since swapped it for a SSD). Screen doesn't have great contrast. I generally don't like number pads on laptop keyboards (although they all seem to have it these days). HDPI screens aren't supported very well in Windows.
    Confirmed purchase: 05 June 2015
    Published on: 01 July 2015

    ThinkPad E550

    10 out of 10


    Kingston-upon-Hull GB General home user
    Simple uncluttered design. Thinkpad build quality. I chose the 1920x1080 screen which is crisp & clear.
    Came pre-installed with Windows 8.1 which I am not a big fan of. Would have liked an OS disk as opposed to the recovery system (although most manufacturers are doing this now)
    Confirmed purchase: 25 May 2015
    Published on: 28 June 2015

    ThinkPad E550

    8 out of 10


    Winchester GB Business user
    Excellent keyboard with dedicated numerical pad area, great performance and screen. Solid construction
    Quite heavy. Not many purchase configuration options. To much "bloatware" preinstalled
    Confirmed purchase: 05 June 2015
    Published on: 28 June 2015

    ThinkPad E550

    8 out of 10


    London GB General home user
    Quality, customisability, price, minimalistic looks.
    Confirmed purchase: 12 May 2015
    Published on: 24 June 2015

    ThinkPad E550

    8 out of 10


    Cambridge GB Business user
    - Fantastic keyboard
    - Solid built
    - Good performance
    - Comfortable screen (FHD)
    - Excellent value for money
    - My unit came with a small defect on the pointing stick
    - Bad battery life
    - Slow shipping (bough from Lenovo's web site)
    Confirmed purchase: 27 May 2015
    Published on: 17 June 2015

    ThinkPad E550

    Joe, @ Lenovo

    Hi Majd,

    Thank you for your feedback on your ThinkPad E550, I'm sorry for the problems you have had with the TrackPoint. The support team will be able to resolve this issue for you, please give them a call on 03705-500-900.

    Best wishes


    10 out of 10


    Uckfield GB General home user
    Easy to set up and use straight away. Very pleased with all the included media features and trackpoint functionality.
    Reviewer left no comment
    Confirmed purchase: 20 April 2015
    Published on: 11 June 2015

    ThinkPad E550

    Joe, @ Lenovo

    Hi Michael,

    Thank you for your review on the ThinkPad E550, I'm glad all is well with your laptop, your feedback is greatly appreciated.

    Best wishes

    Twitter - https://twitter.com/lenovo_uki
    Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/LenovoUKandIreland

  • Ask an Owner

    ThinkPad E555Ask an Owner

    Here's a list of the questions other shoppers have asked owners of the E555

    1. Dave asked on
      I'm trying to find some more information on the AMD Radeon R7 2GB graphics card but from what I can see that is just the series of cards and not an actual model e.g. R7 240 or R7 260X. Can anybody tell me what the actual card in the E550 is please?
      1. Andrew replied on
        Believe you'll find it's as M265X with 2GB of dedicated video memory (Check recent review on Tech Radar)
    2. ahmad asked on
      i want to buy a laptop but i'm puzzled between two devices
      lenovo thinkpad edge e550 and e540
      which laptop should i buy ??
      1. Kas replied on
        Thinkpad e540 is discontinued
        E550 should be the definite choice - if you dont need loads of HD storage try the SSD version.
        It will surprise you
      2. Colin replied on
        I had the E540 but it was stolen, I replaced it with the E550 and it is just as good, if not better, than my original laptop
    3. Josh asked on
      Will the laptop support duel external screens at 1080p resolution using the VGA and HDMI ports, or does it require the optional extra graphics card?
      1. Anthony replied on
        It does support dual screens
    4. Dmitry asked on
      I am not a big fan of Windows 8.1. Does it even make sense to buy Windows 8.1 without touchable display, which does not come with E550?
      1. Simon replied on
        It can be a bit frustrating, the way the system is set up but once you find your way round things it's fine. You may wish to wait a while as windows 10 is round the corner.
        So, it depends what you need the machine for and how quickly you need it.
        Hope that helps.
    5. Sam asked on
      Does it come with backlight keyboard as standard as the features says it is an option but i cant seem to customize it to have it?
      1. Richard replied on

        I didnt configure any keyboard related options, and my keyboard does not have a backlight. I have noticed a number of discussions on different boards which seems to indicate only a very small number of specific builds E550 have the backlit keyboard, but there is no option in the customization feature to add it. Hopeless.
      2. Colette replied on
        Yes I agree, no option to backlight it is not standard
    6. Rob asked on
      What's the screen like? I bought a Lenovo laptop recently but the screen was so bad I had to take it back. It was a TFT monitor.

      Is this screen any good?
      1. Richard replied on
        It depends what you mean by good. It is not too shiny,it has full HD. Older applications that were not really designed for this kind of resolution do look pretty ropey but that is just par for the course. It's OK.
      2. Colette replied on
        I think the screen is fine.
      3. Dr replied on
        Screen is OK for everyday work though I cracked my screen yesterday after I closed the lid with a headphone piece on the keyboard.
    7. Chinedu asked on
      I like to know if this laptop can run on linux?
      And if it is a perfect machine for high computation like CFD simulations.
      1. Colette replied on
        This will run Linux but no way will it cope with CFD simulations.
      2. Gideon replied on
        I have not tried running Linux on my Thinkpad E550 but I expect it to run it satisfactorily.

        Well, for CFD simulations, I have not tried that on my laptop as well but I'm aware that it runs OK on laptops with specs: Core i7 2.7GHz (4 cores) processors and 16GB of RAM plus SSD storage.
  • Accessories & Services

    ThinkPad E555Accessories & Services

    • ThinkPad OneLink Dock (4X10A06077)

      ThinkPad OneLink Dock (4X10A06077)

      Enables a clutter-free desktop with single cable management, plus OneLink Dock lets you get more from your power cable! Docking provides dedicated video, USB 3.0 ports, Gigabit Ethernet, and audio — all while charging your notebook.

    • ThinkPad Precision Wireless Mouse (0B47163)

      ThinkPad Precision Wireless Mouse (0B47163)

      This mouse includes a sleek design and precise control features that not only enhance your office performance but also provide an excellent option for mobile users on the go. New optical tracking technology enhances your control through precision performance that operates on almost any surface.

    • ThinkPad Noise Cancelling Earbuds (0B47313)

      ThinkPad Noise Cancelling Earbuds (0B47313)

      The ThinkPad Noise Cancelling Earbuds eliminate 92% of ambient background noise through the use of active noise-cancelling circuitry contained in a battery operated compartment. Specifically optimized for office environments, autos, trains, and aircrafts, these ergonomically designed earbuds provide a secure fit that further isolates noise for a quality listening experience.

    • Lenovo Security Cable Lock (57Y4303)

      Lenovo Security Cable Lock (57Y4303)

      The Lenovo Security Cable Lock allows you to help reduce theft and manage physical security access wherever you need it. One piece design for easy use. Lightweight ( 130 g / 0.29 lbs ) design is ideal to carry in a carrying case for extra security when traveling.

    Protect Your ThinkPad Laptop With Lenovo Services

    Why Lenovo Services?

    • Comprehensive portfolio of award-winning services to support your PC throughout its lifecycle.
    • Services performed by Lenovo-certified technicians using Lenovo-qualified parts. No one knows our machines like we do!
    • Global delivery network and infrastructure delivering expertise where you need it most.

    24/7 Access to Advanced Technicians

    • Priority Technical Support makes your priority, our priority. 24x7 priority call routing to Lenovo’s advanced-level technicians, electronic incident tracking, and escalation management.

    On-Site Convenience and Extended Protection

    • Extended Warranties (up to 5 years) offer fixed term, fixed cost protection to help you accurately budget for PC expenses.
    • Warranty Upgrades/On-Site Service can maximize uptime and productivity with convenient, fast repair service at your place of business.

    Drops or Spills? No Problem With Accidental Damage Protection

    • Accidents happen, but it’s still possible to protect yourself from expensive, unexpected repairs. Lenovo provides coverage for damage incurred outside of warrantee under normal operating conditions, such as minor spills, drops, electrical surges, or damage to the integrated display.

    Ultimate Data Security

    • Keep Your Drive allows you to retain possession of your drive and data for maximum security and protection. (Not available in all regions.)
Standard on the E555:
Battery Life
Up to 6.3 hours
Starting at 2.35kg (5.2 lbs)
Stereo speakers with Dolby® Advanced Audio™
1 USB 3.0, 1 USB 3.0 Always On, 1 USB 2.0, RJ45, 4-in-1 media card slot, HDMI, VGA, Lenovo OneLink technology


We make tools that conform to you, like voice and gesture controls that allow touch-free operation.