Workload Hungry. Budget Friendly.

ThinkServer towers provide the performance, reliability, and easy-to-use tools to power your file/print and point-of-sale workloads. Perfect for small databases, basic virtualization, and office applications.

  1. ThinkServer TS140 Tower Server

    Next-gen, 4U enterprise-class server, that's easy to own, & extremely affordable.

    Currently out of stock
  2. ThinkServer TS440 Tower Server

    Next-gen, 5U expansive, powerful, & easy-to-manage tower server — yet quiet enough for the front office.

    Currently out of stock
  3. ThinkServer TD340 Tower Server

    New:5U dual-processor tower server perfect for when you need full enterprise capability in a tower form factor.

    Currently out of stock
  4. ThinkServer TD350 Tower Server

    New:Full enterprise capacity & performance in a compact 4U, dual-processor next-generation tower server.

    Currently out of stock


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