Versatile platforms for business-critical workloads worldwide.

Built-in industry-leading reliability, power efficient designs, world-class performance.

  1. x3650 M5 rack server

    2U rack server for diverse, business-critical workloads, 24/7, with leadership reliability, efficient performance, & security.

    Currently out of stock
  2. x3550 M5 Rack Server

    1U rack server for any workload from print-server to cloud, or big data & analytics.

    Currently out of stock
  3. RD650 Rack Server

    Incredible storage density & a highly flexible design in next-generation rack server—perfect for your business-critical applications.

  4. RD550 Rack Server

    Next-gen system with the performance & capacity of a 2U system in a 1U form factor.

  5. RD450 Rack Server

    Next-gen 2U design with a tremendous increase in memory capacity and generous storage, all at a manageable price point.

  6. RD350 Rack Server

    Next-gen 1U design loaded with features you need including outstanding performance, built-in value and new intuitive management tools.

  7. x3250 M5

    The most compact 1U rack server with room to expand.

    Currently out of stock
  8. RS140 Rack Server

    Easily affordable, compact, entry-level 1U rack server with a purposeful design for small business or distributed environments.

  9. x3650 M4

    Versatile dual-socket 2U rack server, optimized for cloud computing & virtualization.

    Currently out of stock
  10. x3550 M4

    Dense, easy-to-use 1U rack server for pay-as-you-grow scaleability.

    Currently out of stock
  11. x3650 M4 BD

    2U rack server purpose-built for big-data workloads.

    Currently out of stock
  12. x3630 M4

    Top-Rated:Most cost-effective, high-performance 2U rack server for data-intensive workloads.

    Currently out of stock


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