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What is Lenovo Trade-In?
With Lenovo Trade-In, you now have the opportunity to get cashback on your new Lenovo PC by trading in your old PC. All you have to do is have a valid invoice from a reseller and register on our TRADE IN site within 30 days of purchase of your new Lenovo PC and we'll arrange free shipping for your old PC. If you haven't bought yet, check out our trade in site and see how much you could get for your old PC today!
Why consider Lenovo Trade-In?
  • Can Trade In ANY product - no limitations
  • The ‘PC value calculator’ is simple to use with drop down menus, allowing you to calculate the value of your old PC
  • Free shipping of your old products (including insurance of products through the shipping process covering €500 per shipping label used)
  • Certification provided for secure data wiping
  • Environmentally friendly recycling and product disposal