Stoneware webNetwork Powered by ThinkServer is about bringing simplicity to your organization and enabling you to leverage the hardware and software tools you already own to improve productivity and efficiency. It allows users to access data, applications and services from a multitude of devices and platforms using just a browser. The user can authenticate and gain access to relevant applications and data from mobile devices or their desktop giving them unprecedented agility in their working life.

ThinkServer Cloud Solutions

Stoneware webNetwork also gives IT administration granular control over both access and delivery of software and services. Your business can create policies based upon lowest cost of delivery and licensing, the best experience for end users, and the desired level of security. For more information, download our Stoneware webNetwork Powered by ThinkServer Solution Guide .

Seamless & Secure Access

  • Delivers a simple, consistent experience accessing applications, services and files
  • Single web-based interface with a single password with no VPN required
  • Secure control of delivery of services
  • Any device: Smartphone, tablet, laptop, desktop

Easy Deployment & Use

  • Startup Pack for simple deployment with remote installation and configuration
  • Pre-sales technical support and ongoing phone support during rollout
  • Innovative systems management tools help to install, manage, and maintain ThinkServer systems easily and effectively

Integrated Solution

  • Tested & Validated
  • Lenovo ThinkServers, Operating System, ThinkServer System Management, webNetwork software, Extreme Networks switch, and Lenovo Cloud Ready Clients

Cost Effective

  • Enables BYOD reducing capital investment
  • Reduces helpdesk queries
  • Eliminate the need for VPNs
  • Reduce the number of desktop images

What you get (when purchased with a Lenovo ThinkServer with Windows 2012 Standard Edition)

  • Stoneware webNetwork software
  • 30 webNetwork concurrent user licenses
  • First year upgrade protection
  • Up to 24 hours of technical consulting and installation
  • 45 days of phone support

For additional security, it’s recommended to also deploy Stoneware webRelay software on a separate ThinkServer in DMZ.

What you get (when purchased with a Lenovo ThinkServer)

  • Stoneware webNetwork software (requires customer have at least one webNetwork server or webNetwork software offering)
  • 45 days of phone support

Although the ThinkServer RD330 was included in the Stoneware webNetwork Powered by ThinkServer Solution Guide , select the Lenovo ThinkServer that meets your individual needs. Lenovo Services Starter packs and Lenovo Cloud Ready Clients are also available.