Remote Manageability Made Easy

Lenovo’s innovative systems management tools empower you to install, manage, and maintain your ThinkServer systems easily and effectively. Clever, effective manageability tools shouldn't be a costly add-on, which is why ThinkServer models come configured with powerful tools that not only repair, but also prevent server outages:

Powerful Solutions From ThinkServer

Need sophisticated management tools to match the performance of your ThinkServer rack or tower servers? Consider the ThinkServer Management Module Premium (TMM). It maximizes the efficiency of your IT staff by providing them with the ability to remotely manage their servers easily and securely.

Proactively Manage Your Server From Anywhere

TMM gives your IT staff the ability to proactively monitor the health of your server systems and take actions before an event impacts system availability. What’s even more impressive is that TMM provides access to the server to identify, diagnose and troubleshoot these events from virtually any location — even if the operating system has crashed!

Lower Your Server Management Costs

TMM can help reduce server management costs by reducing administrative staff and travel costs associated with supporting servers in a geographically dispersed environment. Full remote KVM functionality allows your IT staff to take control of a server remotely to load necessary software and updates onto the remotely managed server. The OS can even be reloaded without ever having to be physically near the server.

Management Tools PN Compatibility
ThinkServer Management Module Premium 67Y2724 RD330, RD430, RD530, RD630, TS430