Whatever your requirements,
ThinkServer has the solution

ThinkServer solutions are ideal for a variety of segments and business needs that meet your demanding network requirements. Highly manageable and energy efficient, ThinkServer provides rack and tower, 1P and 2P server choices. In addition, our ThinkServer Ready portfolio includes the latest KVM tools and power display units (PDUs) from world-class providers like Emulex® and Tripp Lite, as well as LTO backup and UPS choices from trusted partners like Tandberg Data and Tripp Lite, all at competitive prices and rapid delivery from our channel distribution partners.

Servers and OS choices provide only partial solutions to your needs. Lenovo understands that monitoring, maintenance, and management are also critical – you demand world-class tools that help lower your costs, improve your productivity and enhance your network performance. ThinkServer delivers cleverly designed, easy-to-use configuration and management tools like EasyStartup, EasyUpdate, and EasyManage, as well as the latest in datacenter power management tools like ThinkServer SmartGrid technology.