Lenovo ThinkStation workstations provide talented software developers and engineers with the latest processing power from Intel® to deliver results – fast.
Maximize your potential.

An end-to-end solution.

As customers' demands of their software and hardware's performance and features increase, so do the programmers' and designers' demands of their workstation platform to bring their customers' requirements to life. Lenovo ThinkStation workstations deliver an end-to-end solution, covering the needs of the most basic Java programmer, to the designers of the next-generation of integrated circuits.

ThinkStation workstations feature Error Code Correcting (ECC) memory, which virtually eliminates all memory-related failure. The latest Intel® Xeon® and NVIDIA® CUDA technology is available to compile your codes and render your designs at break-neck speeds, no matter if it is CPU- or GPU-based. The near-silent operating noise of the ThinkStation workstation ensures that you can maximize your creativity and productivity without disturbance.

If you're a programmer or designer who wants to get things done right the first time, choose the platform that will work with you to maximize your potential—the Lenovo ThinkStation workstation.

"The two-socket Lenovo ThinkStation D20 completed the 3D image rendering tasks in as little as half the time as the single-processor based workstation. In our tests, two processors delivered twice the performance of one, which translates directly to productivity and an excellent return on your investment."
– Principled Technologies,
September 2011
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