Key Features

Stylish Design, Maximum Fun

The IdeaCentre desktop line offers the features you need in your choice of elegantly designed, space-saving packages. From famiy-friendly All-in-One systems to our cutting-edge gaming desktop, IdeaCentre PCs deliver serious home entertainment in a variety of shapes and sizes that fit your lifestyle perfectly. IdeaCentre Desktops & All-in-Ones Comp

IdeaCentre Desktops & All-in-Ones
  1. IdeaCentre Horizon Table PC

    Multi-user, Category Table PC
    Redefining together time, these innovative PCs lay flat to create an inviting and interactive gaming and sharing spot for multiple participants.

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  2. Flex 20 Dual-Mode All-in-One PC

    Multi-user, Multi-Mode AIO PC
    These sleek all-in-one desktops turn into interactive, multiuser PCs. Two different modes allow you to touch, type, create, play & share.

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  3. IdeaCentre A540

    Stylish All-in-One Desktops
    Stylish, award-winning A Series all-in-one PCs save space, look great, and boast a range of enhanced entertainment features.

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  4. IdeaCentre B540 All-in-One

    Multimedia All-in-One Desktops
    Engineered for entertainment, B Series all-in-ones give you a wealth of cutting-edge multimedia options — from touchscreens to 3D.

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  5. IdeaCentre K430 All-in-One

    Extreme Performance Tower
    These dynamic gaming desktops are loaded with powerful processors, blazing-fast graphics, and high-def capabilities.

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  6. IdeaCentre Q190 Nettop

    Mini Home Theatre PCs
    These small wonders provide big entertainment, enabling you to create a home theatre, stream music and video, or play games on your favorite TV or monitor.

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  7. Lenovo Beacon Cloud Storage Device

    Cloud Storage Device
    This easy-to-use cloud storage device lets you sync, store, and stream media across multiple devices.



All Lenovo systems must pass our rigorous reliability standards and are stress tested for endurance. Many of our notebooks even pass 8 military specs for ruggedness under extreme hot, cold, humid, or dusty conditions.