Top PC Vendor Worldwide

IDC and Gartner Recently Confirmed Lenovo
as the Number 1 PC Supplier Worldwide.

Yang Yuanqing,
Lenovo chairman and CEO, had this to say:

"We are proud that Lenovo has become the clear world leader in PCs, and we are grateful to our customers and to our global team for this success…

I am confident that we can continue to drive profitable growth in our core business, and achieve the same success, over time, in the fast-growing PC+ marketplace."

ideaCentre Horizon
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Innovation is driving the way.

Here's the buzz about some of our recent products.

"This computer [IdeaCentre Horizon] is unique as well as robust: ready for the living room, the class room, ready for any odd game-friendly room in-between."

"A solid choice Windows 8 notebook-tablet hybrid [ThinkPad Helix] for business users… one of the best keyboards we've used in a tablet hybrid."

"The Yoga is a stunning feat of design and innovation."
– Tom Kilroy, EVP & GM, Intel's Sales & Marketing Group

"Lenovo asserts its mastery of the Windows 8 hybrid with the ThinkPad Helix"

ideaPad Yoga
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We're not going to rest on our laurels.

We intend to continue to reward and delight you with innovative, reliable, and fun devices in both the PC and PC+ marketplaces.

So stick around, because success is a journey, and our journey has only just begun.

Let's stay on this path together.