Lenovo Services – ThinkServer 4 Hour Onsite Response Service

Thank you for choosing Lenovo 4 Hour Response Onsite Service for your ThinkServer.

To activate your 4 Hour Onsite Response Service, complete the below form to identify your ThinkServer's location. Accurate information is required in order for Lenovo to ensure proper fulfillment of your service.

Download our Bulk Location Template

Please contact us with any questions or comments at thinkpls_we@lenovo.com or www.lenovo.com/registrationsupport. To confirm whether your installation location is available for 4 Hour Rapid Response Onsite Service, please use our 4 Hour Onsite Response Availability Tool

What is the Lenovo 4 Hour Onsite Response Service Activation Process?

  • Complete the above form to activate your 4 Hour Onsite Response Service, identifying the physical location of your new ThinkServer(s). This information is critical to ensure Lenovo can service your ThinkServer quickly and minimize downtime of business-critical applications.
  • If you change the physical location of your ThinkServer, you must update your location with Lenovo by contacting us at thinkpls_we@lenovo.com or www.lenovo.com/registrationsupport
  • Please take note that this service may not be available for up to thirty (30) days after initial location activation or location change

ThinkServer Priority Technical Support

Lenovo Priority Technical Support provides direct access to Lenovo-certified advanced technicians with the expertise to support your new ThinkServer's hardware, and any basic installation or usage challenges you may experience. This service covers the following core operating systems and sofware application.