Power of a Workstation, Price of a Desktop.

With the ThinkStation P-series workstation, you get the performance and reliability you need for professional results, on a budget you can afford. ISV-certified, professional graphics, & Intel® Xeon® technology.

  1. ThinkStation P310 Tower

    New: Power and stability in an ISV-certified 1P tower workstation for entry-level 3D and 2D CAD/CAM , website development, financial back-office operations, & healthcare front office. Increased speed and memory over previous generation. Includes Intel® vPro for manageability.

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  2. ThinkStation P910

    Powerful and customizable, this top-of-the-line, dual-processor workstation can handle any processing-intensive task you give it. It has the most I/O available, and up to twice the memory. Yet it stays cool and keeps working, when you need it the most.

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  3. ThinkStation P710

    Get power, speed, and versatility with this next-generation, dual-processor workstation. With 50-percent more memory than a mainstream single-processor workstation and ISV-certified graphics and processor power, the ThinkStation P710 is ready to handle all of your company's critical tasks – in any configuration you choose.

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  4. ThinkStation P510 Workstation

    New:A next-generation mainstream workstation that’s powerful enough for any job and reliable enough for mission-critical environments. Customize for the power, performance and usability you need, including twice the storage and four-times the memory capacity compared to an entry-level workstation.

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  5. ThinkStation P410 Workstation

    The ThinkStation® P410 offers a higher core count and memory capacity than any entry-level workstation in the market. Designed for professionals looking for mainstream performance and affordable power.

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Lenovo Workstations
With an unwavering reputation for quality and reliability, Lenovo workstations deliver superior performance for professionals across all industries. Whether you're in the field or in the office, regardless of the size or complexity of your project, you can rely on ThinkStation workstations and ThinkPad mobile workstations to get your job done.