Mainstream Entertainment Laptops

Z Series laptops strike the perfect balance between performance, colorful design, and affordability. You’re sure to be entertained and make impressions —wherever you go.

  1. Lenovo Z710

    If you want a larger display but still the convenience of a laptop then the Z710 fits the bill, with its Full HD display, fast processing and rich graphics giving you a great entertainment experience.

  2. Lenovo Z500 Laptop

    Slim and colorful 15. 6” laptop with tons of storage and enhanced graphics for a premium entertainment experience — all at a reasonable price.

  3. Lenovo Z500 Touch Laptop PC

    Slim and colorful 15.6" multimedia laptop with 10-point multitouch technology, great storage and memory capacity, and enhanced graphics for a premium entertainment experience.



We make tools that conform to you, like voice and gesture controls that allow touch-free operation.