Thin and light but extra durable, 11e Series laptops are reinforced to withstand the rigorous environments associated with schools. From bookbags to buses to desks, these devices are ready to foster a learning environment despite what your child puts them through.

  1. ThinkPad 11e Chromebook

    This 11.6" Chromebook is built for online learning, with reinforced design capable of withstanding the in-school environment.

  2. ThinkPad 11e laptop

    This 11.6" Windows laptop is equipped to withstand the physical environment of school while fostering a digital environment for education.

  3. ThinkPad Yoga 11e Chromebook

    This 11.6" convertible Chromebook is versatile and durable, with four modes and a rugged design that facilitate online learning as well as repeated use in the rigor of a school environment.

  4. ThinkPad Yoga 11e convertible laptop

    This 11.6" convertible laptop has four useful modes, yet sacrifices none of the series' durability.

  5. ThinkPad 11e Laptop (AMD)

    New: This 11.6" AMD-based laptop is rugged and ready for school, equipped with features and software perfect for the digital learning environment.



You can tell the difference, from durable hinges to acclaimed keyboards.