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Millions at stake every day?


You have millions of dollars at stake every day – Why would you depend on anything less than the legendary Think product reliability to keep your operations strong and constant? Depend on Lenovo ThinkServer performance, value, and ease of integration to keep your executives, your board, your clients, and yourself satisfied with a powerful portfolio.

ThinkServer Finance Solutions

Lenovo is already a leading provider of compact desktop machines for trading floor environments as well as providing ThinkPad mobile workhorses for the entire finance industry. See why our servers are following suit.

ThinkServer TS130

Front Office, File & Print

If you want a server to handle your front-office, file-and-print needs, look no further than the ThinkServer TS130 – a cool, quiet, single-processor tower that provides remote management capability, tough Xeon performance with ECC memory and onboard RAID, and great value for your firm.

ThinkServer TS430

Back Office and Branch Offices

Back and branch offices might need something more suited for virtualization workloads and collaborative apps; we recommend the TS430, with support for VMware, Citrix, Red Hat, and Microsoft Hyper V.

ThinkServer RD430

Network Infrastructure

For network infrastructure needs, you’ll want something that can tackle application, web or database server workloads as well as virtualization infrastructure – try the dual-processor, rack-mounted RD330 or RD430. They can power thin/zero virtualization deployments with ease, they include Lenovo Smart Grid technology for datacenter-wide power management, and they integrate easily into existing networks.

ThinkServer RD630

Affordably Powerful Big Data Solutions

For your big data needs, think about our blazing-fast, dual-processor RD530 or RD630, featuring seamless parallel execution, smart compression, on-chip cache computing, and more.