Whatever your requirements,
ThinkServer has the solution

Building cloud infrastructure, trying to improve data management or looking to upgrade your storage function? ThinkServer solutions will lower your costs, improve your productivity and enhance your network performance. ThinkServer rack and tower servers deliver outstanding thermal efficiency, remarkably quiet acoustics, and robust design, ensuring highly reliable performance all the time, every time. Based on open standards, ThinkServers are a scalable, flexible and affordable answer to your networking needs.

Monitoring, maintenance, and management are also critical. Lenovo delivers cleverly designed, easy-to-use configuration and management tools like EasyStartup, EasyManage and Firmware Updater as well as the latest in datacenter power management tools like ThinkServer Smart Grid technology. In addition, our ThinkServer Ready portfolio includes the latest KVM tools, uninterruptable power supplies (UPS) and power display units (PDUs) from Tripp Lite, all at competitive prices.