ThinkServer EasyStartup

Get your new ThinkServer up and running quickly with ThinkServer EasyStartup. The intuitive interface makes server installation and configuration a cinch.


  • Hardware driver installation and configuration tool for initial setup
  • Easy wizard interface for users not technically-inclined
  • Configuration of your RAID level and hot spare directly from the tool
  • Quick configuration and setup for rapid deployment

ThinkServer Software Tools

Key Features

  • Detects RAID controller and enables configuration of:
    • RAID level - Supports multiple arrays and multiple HDD selections
    • Global and dedicated hot spares
  • Supports use of existing HDD partitions or creation of custom partitions (size and type)
  • Supports cloning
    • Saves configuration information to a response file on USB Key or floppy
    • Saved response can be used to easily replicate settings
  • The following system settings can be configured before the installation of the operating systems begins:
    • Server Date & Time
    • Full Name & Computer Name
    • Organization
    • Product ID
    • Administrator Password
    • Workgroup & Domain
    • Configure the Network Adapters
    • Time Zone
    • Allow entries for GUI Run Once line variables
  • Allows for installation of additional components:
    • Windows Components
    • DVD burning software
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Drivers & Software
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